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Thursday, March 31, 2011


So remember how my music teacher and I were going to record my sooooong?  I got a copy of the actual recording today! I've already started multipul songs that I'm currently working on! One I'm writing as a joke... Tomorrow I am playing in a talent show! I am playing Window Warrior, and Vegas Skies :) 

Speaking of writing songs! I am writing a story for a contest about a musician, whose writing a song for her dancer friend! :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Why I have not blogged.

My music teacher and I recorded my first song! It's not done being edited yet, but I'm going to make a music video for it when it's done :)  I'm already writing four more songs, too! I haven't put my guitar back into it's case since Friday afternoon!! And my band was going to be called "The Secret Sisters" but there's already a band with that name..... *sigh*

Sorry I haven't posted a lot, I've been............. busy. >_>  It's only been a little over a week since I last posted though.

I have been practicing my guitar a lot, and of course, I've been busy with dance.  I've got a talent show on the 1st, and a science fair on the 3rd, so I'm busy preparing for those.  I'm also helping out with a preschool french class now. 

That's a few rreasons I have not blogged recently.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Today, and Yesterday was my second dance competition of the year! These are the awards I got(In order of when I did them :P):

Lyrical Quartet: Gold
Lyrical Solo: Silver
Lyrical Trio: Silver
Lyrical Duo: Silver

Tap Group: Silver
Tap Duo: HIGH GOLD! (Highest score of the weekend for me!) And: "Perfectly Precise" special award!
Ballet Group: Gold

So, those were my scores :) 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Interesting.  But, not a quick read.  Takes a long time.

Thomas, the orphaned boy, meets Raphah, a boy who has come from a far away land(haha!). 
The "Dumurrel" stole something from Raphah's people, Raphah has to steal it back.  Thomas, and his friend Kate, decide to help Raphah, but - of course - regret it later.  I personally hate Raphah.  He was O.K., in the beginning, but he said something I didn't like.  He's mean to dogs.  -.-  So, read this book! UNLESS, you like dogs.  Then, you still could read it, just hope for Raphah to die :D

JUST ELLA(Margaret Peterson Haddix):
Great book! I finished this one in a few hours. 

The author's version of "Cinderella", only this one doesn't have any kind of Fairy Godmothers, or magic.  It's a story about a commoner girl who ends up with the prince! Then she finds out she doesn't really love the prince.  It's a great story, and a quick read.  Personally, I find quick reads more interesting.  In books that take a long time to read the story is drawn out, and it kind of annoys me! You should DEFFINATELY read this! Great author, Margaret Peterson Haddix.  You should read all of her books.  Yup, all of them.  Every single one.  Well?  Are you looking for her books?  NO?!?! You'd better start. o.0

RAVEN SUMMER(David Almond):
Another fantastic book, from a favorite author of mine: David Almond.  :)

Liam, and his friend Max are digging in Liam's yard.  They see a raven, and end up following it.  The raven leads them to a baby! They bring the baby to Liam's house, and the baby ends up in a foster home.  Then, the baby goes back to Liam's house and lives with them.  Another pretty quick read.  What I really like about quick reads is that I can read them, and just keep reading them until they're done, and I don't have to stop! In longer reads it's more difficult to keep concentrated.  GREAT BOOK, GREAT AUTHOR, GREAT READ! So far....... >_> Quote(:D):
"I want to be crazy as the moon, wild as the wind, and still as the earth.  I'm growing, but I don't know how to grow.  I'm alive, but I haven't started living yet.  Sometimes I simply disappear from myself.  Sometimes it's like I'm not here in the world at all, and I simply don't exist."

Friday, March 11, 2011

A Day in the Life of a Zarin (Chapter 5!)

I stared at Sierra in horror.  "What?!" I whispered.  "They want Tessen.  This is why I didn't bring Rayleigh.  I knew they," she nodded towards the Kreatures, "were out here.  And I didn't want to endanger her!" "Why didn't you tell me?! That way I could have protected Tess!" I was fuming.  I couldn't believe that Sierra would protect her younger sibling, but didn't give any thought to mine! Even when I told her I was bringing Tessen! I glared at her.  "Kreature's, please! Listen to me!" I decided something that I would regret the rest of my life.  "You do not want this child!" I gestured to Tessen.  Then looked at them.  They had stopped, and were waiting for me to finish.  "Kaylinn, what are you doing?"  Sierra asked, in a frightened whisper.  "I'm doing what you almost did to Tessen!" Her eyes widened when she realized what I meant.  "Kayl, please, no!" She was terrified.  I was glad.  "Don't call me Kayl!" Then the Kreatures spoke.  In a high-pitched, wheezy whisper that sounded like something being drag along wood.  "What do you intend to give us instead of your brother?"  The first Kreature said.  Then the second spoke in a low, hoarse whisper.  "Would you give up your friend, for him?"  I looked at him in surprise.  Then I looked at Sierra, who was huddling towards the ground.  I opened my Mouth to speak, but Sierra beat me.  "Take Kaylinn!" She said.  I gaped at her.  "No, take Sierra.  She has no family!" Sierra's eyes went wide, as my words sunk in.  It was true.  If a Zarin ran away he, or she, would be disowned by their family.  Sierra would have to wait until she was an adult, 15, to go back to her family.  Then she will be welcomed back with open arms. 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Quotes and Stories from the past week!

"There's no such thing as evil Turkeys, There's no such thing as evil Turkeys, There's no such thing as evil Turkeys, There's no such thing as evil Turkeys, There's no such thing as evil Turkeys,There's no such thing as evil Turkeys" "There's no such thing as evil Turkeys, Oh wait, I lied." :D  THE TURKEY TALKS!!

Me- "Uuugggh, I have that song, Cooler Than Me, stuck in my head!" My Dad - "What's cooler than you?" Me - "Haha..." My Dad - "No, really what's cooler than you?"  Me - "Are you serious?!  The song Dad, the one that some people on our team did as a trio?"  My Dad - "Ooooh..." I still can't believe he didn't get that....

Me - "Do you know every ballet?" Bee - "No, just a lot of them."  Me - "I find that hard to believe... Oh my gosh! We should make our own Ballet!" Bee - O.O "YES!" Me - "And Peem will be the composer, because she plays piano, and doesn't do ballet."  Bee - "Good Idea.  Oh it's my turn!" *Does turn combo across floor in pointe shoes.  Comes back to line* Bee - "So, what were you saying?"  Gooooood job bee!

Fun :D

Monday, March 7, 2011


Hey everybody!! Competition was great!

Drove down Friday, and went out to dinner with a few people from the team. 

Saturday we got up at 6:30 (uuughhhh!), went to breakfast at 7:00 (uuuugghh!!), went back to our hotel room to get ready, and was ready, and down-stairs, by 8:30.  Stretched, and warmed-up.  Competition started at 10:00, and went on until around 6:00ish... With 3 awards ceremonies! We then went back to the room, took showers, ate something, and went to the pool.  We then went back to the room, took more showers! And later went to bed.

Sunday (today!!).  We got up at 6:30 (noooooo!), again went to Dunkin' Donuts at somewhere around 7:00 (O.O), and went to the room and got ready.  This time we were down-stairs before 8:15.  Stretched a bit, then workshops started at 8:30.  First class for intermediates (my level) was Ballet.  After an hour of ballet I was getting excited for more classes! (Ballet is one of my favorite styles of dance.) Tap next.  Then Hip-Hop, then..... LUNCH! And boy were we excited to eat! After lunch we had Jazz, then Tap, again.  Then they had another award ceremony. 

My scores:
Lyric Solo: Silver (First Solo, first Competition doing it!)

Group tap: Gold, Special award (Most of the people in the group dislike quite a few parts.  There's only one part that makes me go, uhhhh! >_<)

"Line-Ballet": Gold (I like this one :)

Tap Duo: Gold (This one is student choreography! And is done with Bee/Tangleface/Bella :P)

Lyric Group: Gold (Not the best we've done on this dance, in class that is.)

Lyric Duo: Silver (First competition with this dance!)

And after workshops they give out scholarships, for free workshops (In Las Vegas), and for DEA's Ballet seminar in LV.  I got a half scholar-ship to the ballet seminar because I did really good in the classes!! It was my third time doing workshops.  I had soo much fun! I mean I didn't have any fun, because my Mom told me not to. >_>


Friday, March 4, 2011

A Day in the Life of a Zarin (Chapter 4, it's finally here!!)

The higher the sun rose, the greener the trees looked - and the more upset Tessen got. Why hadn't Sierra brought Rayleigh? Rayleigh was a baby without an older sister now. Tessen still had his older sister, but Rayleigh was now completely sisterless! I looked at Sierra, and thought about asking her.  "I know," She said, "You're wondering why I didn't bring Rayleigh, I can see it in your eyes."  That surprised me.  "Um... Yeah, I was..."  I blushed slightly.  "I didn't bring her she was as much a part of me, as she was a part of the rest of the family.  She was named Rayleigh, after our grandmother Kayleigh.  I didn't want to take that away," She said.  I thought about this.  A year before our Zarin ceremony Kayleigh had died.  Then, just two days after Rayleigh was born.  They named her after Kayleigh.  Kind of.  Their Grandfather had died before Sierra, or her brothers were born.  I never found out his name.  It started with an R that's all I knew.  Because they named Rayleigh after both of them.  I was so caught up in my thoughts I almost didn't notice when Sierra yelled.  "Kaylinn!" She shouted.  I looked around frantically, and was why she was panicked.  Two black shapes were coming towards us.  "No..." Sierra whispered.  I was terrified, and had no clue what these things were! But apparently Sierra knew.  "What are they Sier?" I asked quietly.  "Kreatures of Evil! I think they want...." She trailed off.  "What, Sier?! What do they want?!  Can we give them something to get them away?!" I nearly shouted.  "Shh!" Sierra reminded me.  She looked at the two kreatures closing in.  "They want Tessen."

Sorry for the short chapter today! I've got music class, then I'm going out of town for a few days! First dance Competition is tomorrow! Driving there today.  And Workshops on Sunday! Busy. o.o  So I'll post about that Sunday ;)