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Saturday, May 9, 2009


Patches, the lovable little black & white Bunny. She went from this:

To, This! Yep, Patches gave birth. Tuesday night, or Wednesday morning.

We thought she had 6 Little ones:) We were wrong. I'm gonna sell them.

She had a huge litter. You'll find out how many in a second. She's a great momma, very protective. She Loves Dandilions. Mary, you're getting one. You want the black one? Storm. the light gray one? Shadow. One of the spotted ones. Spots, Leopard, Cloud, Dots, Patchie(After it's Mom), or EJay(after It's Dad.). Were you counting?

Hey! Come back, Spots! We thought the animal count was:

Two Dogs
Nine rabbits, and
Fourteen Chickens.

It's not. We found two more baby bunnies today.
2 Dogs
11 Rabbits, and
14 Chickens
Lots of Animals! We're selling them for $12.00.
Do you want, March, April, and May's news letter?
Comment if you do.

Monday, March 2, 2009

New papers

If, you didn't get a febuary paper, you had better ask! I'm working on the March paper, now. Again, you should comment if you want a March paper.

Sorry, I'm bored, I just had to add something!! Like the picture?? That's the sun setting.

Okay, back on topic. So you know I've started a news paper, did I tell you that I'm selling thing in it? Under Classifieds you can find: Scarves, Ear warmers, Knitting needles, and more!!

Well, I can't think of anything else to say(For now, I'll probably thing of something Later...). So I'm gonna save now. BYE!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Dragon updates

I'm doing a new paper, for people I know. It's called the "Dragon Updates, News paper". I've written every article in the paper so far. Anyone reading this that has met me, and see me often enough, expect a news paper, If you know me, ask for one as a comment.

I wrote one article, called Reading! Can you guess what it's about?? I hope so!!!
In that one I included some books that I've read lately.

I've also included a Recommending library, I recommend books and movies to you.

I added a Sports section, and a "Random stuff" Section.

So, I hope you ask for a news paper:)