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Monday, November 29, 2010

The Powers... *Meet the protectors!*

Hey! This is The Powers update! I'm going to tell you a bit about the Protectors.  Kylie's the main character in the first book, so let's start with her protector:

Name: Isha Yamanu (Ish-ah Yah-mon-oo)
Name Meaning: Protector of the Hidden
Power: Earth!
Three lines from book: 
Kylie?! The Graceful Shadow lives on!
Protector of: Kylie Black, "Graceful Shadow"
Age: 14

Next is his one of his triplets, the only one he ever mentions:

Name: Zosimo Cethin (Zo-sim-oh Seth-in)
Name Meaning: Survivor of the Dark
Power: Fire
Three lines from book:
 “Hmm? Oh! You must be Isha's charge! You look just like 'im!”
 “Ish, your girlfriend can hear us from here.” 
Protector of: Maria Luna, "Bitter Moon"
Age: 14

And their Sister:

Name: Elaine Nerezza
Name Meaning: Light in Darkness
Power: Water
Three lines from book: 
Protector of: Bella Nell, "Beautiful Light"
Age: 7

And the last protector in the first book:

Name: Nolan Mortyss
Name Meaning: Fighter of Death
Power: Wind
Three lines from book (maybe less, he's rather new to the book where I am ;): Protector of: Mae Nell, "Pearl Shine"
Age: 12

That's all the protectors!! Who's your favorite protector?  Maybe later I'll do a post about the girls ;)
I'm not gonna say anything, except, I think you can do it.”
Mortyss. I'm Nolan Mortyss.”
(Nolan doesn't say much, so here's something Kylie says to him:)
You don't deserve to be punched. You also don't get a hug.” (Nolan's Lines)

You'll make a great girlfriend for Isha!”
I tried to save her Isha! I tried! Your girlfriend is going to die, tonight!”
No! Kylie! No!” (Elaine's Line)

Kylie, please, for your sisters at least.” (Zo's line)

 “She's not my girlfriend! She's my charge, I protect her! I don't date her!”
 “Hey, Kyl! Don't go running off with my brother!” (Isha's lines)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

POST #50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Knit stuff

OK!! My friend and I started a new blog!! Well Meep started the blog and asked to add me as a Team member! the blog is: Knit an Adventure! If you knit check it out!! By the way......... in case you didn't get it, this is my 50th post on Nature's Place!! :D