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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Princess of Darkness: Prologue

My name is Lilith Desiree Night.  Most people when they meet me think I'm really nice, despite my first name, but when they hear the rest of my name they believe that I am evil.  I never met my real parents, they died in a car wreck the day I was born.  I only barely survived the head-on crash, and that's because I was in the backseat, as far away from the front as possible.  My three older siblings died as well, in the row of seats in front of me.  My twin was adopted to a different family.  Lucifer isn't evil as he sounds.  I've met him, we barely got along.  I am the "evil twin".  Lucifer Devin Night is my brother's name, an evil sounding name that our parents gave to him just hours before their death.  Many people believe that it was Lucifer's fault, or rather, my parent's fault for giving their baby such an evil name.  I have heard my older sibling's names, my adoptive parents told me that they were all nice sounding names, Zoey, Nathaniel, and Kailyn.  I don't know my parent's names, my adoptive parents tell me that I don't need to know their names because they are no longer my parents.

When I turned ten years old I started changing.  At first my adoptive parents told me that nothing was happening, that it was just my imagination, so they let me do things that they thought wouldn't last long, like painting my bedroom walls black, and using Halloween decorations to decorate bedroom.  Then I started getting rid of all of the stuff that they had given me before the changing, my little dolls that I had never played with, my princess books, and movies, and all of my old clothes.  They bought me new things, thinking that it was just a phase, and that I'd get over this darkness soon, but I never did.

My adoptive parents call me goth, but I'm not goth.  At least, that's not what I consider myself.  I love Halloween, and the color black, and I tend to be a very creepy person, but those aren't things that make me goth.  I think of myself as a Vampire, but I'm not a vampire yet, I am meant to become one.  That is what happened on my twelfth birthday.

I was getting changed for bed, into my black pants, and black Twilight t-shirt.  I looked around my room one last time before I turned off my light.  The black walls, and ceiling looked comforting to me.  My bed decorated with several pillows, all of which had black, or red pillowcases, looked extremely comfortable at eleven at night. 
  I was exhausted, normally I went to bed at ten, but I had gotten distracted rearranging some of my decorations.  I liked to keep my room looking new, well cleaned, organized, and the decorations changing places at least once a week!
  My parents were happy that I kept my room clean, but they could do without the Halloween stuff. 
  I flicked the light switch and was consumed in darkness.  I wasn't afraid as I would have been when I was younger though, the darkness felt warm, and inviting, as if I was meant to be a part of it, as if I were a part of it.  I climbed into my bed, pulling the covers up to my shoulders. 
  I reach up to the shelf above my bed to turn on my iPod, I listened to music at night, Halloween music, like "The Nightmare Before Christmas" mostly, but sometimes I would listen to other songs, too. 
  After I turned on the song "This is Halloween" I heard a knocking at my window.  At first I was afraid, but when I looked up, and saw the pale face staring at me from across my bedroom, I knew that I needed to open the window.  I knew that it was a vampire, and I knew that he needed to be invited in.  That's what I did.
  "Come in, lone vampire.  Why have you come to me on this much desired night?"  I asked, flinging open the window.  I had been working on what I would say to a vampire since my "changing" happened, but I hadn't needed to use it until then. 
  "You speak to me, and invite me in as if you have been awaiting my coming for some time.  Speak young one, tell me of the reason for your boldness," he said, raising an eyebrow at me.  I wondered if maybe I should have acted afraid, at least for a few moments.
  "I believe I am meant to become one of you.  I have been awaiting this moment since I was ten years old, the year my changing started, the year I started to see them," I said, dropping my voice to a whisped at the end of my statement.  The vampire nodded as if it was something he had heard before.  It was my turn to raise an eyebrow at him.
  "Doesn't what I have said surprise you?!" I demanded.  He smiled at me.
  "No changling.  I have been told of your odd ways, and I have come to speak to you of fulfilling your destiny.  You say you are meant to be a vampire?  Well I have a way," he paused, looking at me, as if waiting for an answer.
  "Really?  You will make me a vampire?!  I have dreamt of the day a true vampire would tell me that!" I had been teased at school during my first months of my changing by everybody at school, even the teachers started mocking me!
  "I have a son, changling, his name is Damien Echo Darkness, if you agree to become his wife when you are eighteen years of age then I will have you changed.  You must also agree to allow Damien, and me to come to you if we are hungry, and to feed off of your blood.  We swear to protect you until you turn eighteen if you agree," I was nodded my head through all of his terms, and conditions.  I would have to allow two vampires to drink my blood, and in exchange I would be married to one, and changed in just six years! I knew what I had to do.
  I nodded again, and suddenly, everything when black.
  I awoke the next morning feeling more tired than the night before.  I was barely able to get out of my bed, but I did.  I got out of bed, and did my morning routine, ending with getting a breakfast of toast with peanut butter on it. 
  "Did you sleep well Desie?" My Mother asked when she came into the kitchen.  I asked people to call me "Desie" because I had always liked my middle name better than my first name.  I shook my head in answer to her question.
  "I had nightmares all night!" I exclaimed, but I couldn't remember any nightmares.  I finished eating my toast, and ran to get my backpack from my bedroom before my Mother could ask anymore questions. 
  "Desie! You're going to be late for school! Hurry!" She called from upstairs, my bedroom was in the basement.

  That is how I met the vampire who changed my life.  Later, only about a week later I met Damien.  Damien, and his father's visits became a daily part of my routine on my thirteenth birthday, and by my fourteenth, Damien, and I had fallen completely in love.  That was also the year that my life was turned completely upside-down, and the year that I finally met Damien's sister, Ember Nocturnia Darkness.

Read the next chapter next week!! :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


First, I am changing the name o my blog because it no linger suits it. At first I was going to post mostly wild animal related posts, so nature's place worked.

Second, in another atempted to blog more often I have come up with a story idea that I will TRY to post every week. I don't know what day of the week yet, so keep an eye out for my next post!!

Third, my first ever Betta, King Jonathan the 1st, dies on Tuesday o Dropsy. He will be missed greatly :(

Fourth, I'm sorry for any misspellings, and things like that, I'm posting from my iPod!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Queen Thayet and the new comers

There was once a fish named Queen Thayet Bubbles the 1st.  She lived in a big tank all by herself.  Good lighting, plenty of food, the water was almost warm enough, Thayet's life was great!
   Then one night a few hours before bed Thayet's human friend walked towards the tank, Thayet was very happy to see her human friend. 
   Her human friend took the tank lid off, which was unusual, but Thayet hope it just meant she was going to be fed.  Then the human stuck something onto the back of the tank.  That's very odd... Thayet thought, but it wouldn't bother her.  Then the human stuck something on the front of the tank.  That wouldn't bother her either, Thayet decided. 
  The human put some plants in the tank.  Thayet even liked this addition! Then the human added something that definitely bothered her.  New fish.
   "This is my territory!" Thayet yelled at the first one.  The one that looked similar to herself.  She charged the new fish, nipping it's fins, and scales.  Then she realized something.  This fish is sick! She backed away.
   There were two new comers, she attacked the second one, the white one.  The white fish darted away, wailing about being sorry, about not choosing another fish's territory to live in, that she was brought to the tank by a human.  Thayet paused when she heard that last bit.
   "There are your new friends Thayet!" Thayet's human friend said.  Thayet was sad, because her human thought that more fish would be a good idea, angry, because her human had been stupid enough to actually buy more fish, and touched, because her human had thought she was lonely.  Thayet knew that the dark fish was sick though, whether or not her human realized it.
   Thayet decided to learn these fishes' names.  She cornered the white one, and forced her to say her name.  "Princess Zoey Astelle Whitebird is the name I was given by the humans!" Humans?  More than one?  Thayet thought, maybe a different human had forced her human into getting more fish! Though she did enjoy that the humans had made her a queen, and the white one a simple princess.  Was the dark one a princess, too? 
   The dark one darted up, and nipped Thayet's tail fin while Thayet was thinking.  "My name is Princess Aphrodite Aqua Whitlock! Soon, though, I am going to become Queen Aphrodite Aqua Whitlock!" She started acting like she was going to attack Thayet again.  Thayet flared out her gills, making her even bigger than she really was.  Aphrodite backed away slowly. 
   So, Aphrodite was the sick one.  Zoey was the scared one.  That left Thayet as top fish, still Queen of the tank.
   A few days passed, and Aphrodite's fins continued to get worse.  Then Thayet's fins started to rot away.  Thayet was furious, she started attacking Aphrodite, mad at the new fish for getting her sick.  In another day or two all three of them had fin rot. 
   The human took all the fish out, and cleaned it, removing most of the infected water.  The fish were still sick.
   One day the human was gone for a while, then she came back and poured some odd-smelling stuff into the water.  It made their aching, rotting fins feel a lot better.  The human added that everyday for three days.  Then she didn't add anymore until she took out a small amount of water five days later.
   Then about three days after that Thayet was having a hard time seeing out of one eye.  Both Zoey, and Aphrodite started to attack her.  By the next day she was completely blind in that eye, and the other two had biten away until they were half gone.  The fin rot was still there, just barely.  She was also losing scales, so she looked like she had white spots on her body. 
   The human was very scared.  She some of the water, and added several medicines, but Thayet got worse.  She didn't eat the morning that the human changed the water. 
   The human decided that even though you're not supposed to only have two female betta fish in one tank Thayet needed to be taken out, to protect her from the princesses.  Thayet went into her own small tank, where she sank down to the bottom near the plant.
   The next day she didn't even move when the human fed her.  Then later, when the human checked on her after having been gone most of the day she found Thayet in the same postition as when she had left that morning, only Thayet had white fuzz around her mouth. 
   The human then started to believe that Thayet had died.  The next day, when Thayet had not moved from that postition, and the fuzz was growing the human knew that she was dead.

Queen Thayet Bubbles the First died of disease, and suffocation when Princess Aphrodite Aqua Whitlock brought in fin rot (and who knows what else).  She suffocated when she was so sick that she could not swim up for air as Betta fish require to live.  She died almost exactly six months after she was gifted to me.  She was my first female Betta, and my second Betta total. 

My first, King Jonathan the First, was supposed to be her mate, but was too old to breed by the time I got Thayet. 

King is now two years old, and will live up to three more years if I keep him healthy.  Thayet could have lived four.  Zoey, and Aphrodite will live five more, if I make sure that I get rid of all traces of whatever killed Thayet. 

I believe that Zoey was healthy when I got her, but she is white, so Ick, and a few other diseases that show up as white specks, and blotches would be invisible on her.  I know for sure that Aphrodite had fin rot, but I read that you need at least three female Betta fish to be certain that they can have a hierarchy system, and two will simply kill each other, therefore I believed that I couldn't leave Thayet, and Zoey alone in the tank.

I called Zoey my little angel for a while, because she is white, and she is the only one who wasn't fighting.  For a few days I had a fin-nipper, but I wasn't sure who it was.  One day, during feeding time, I was talking to them, and Zoey swam out.  "Hello my Angel!" I said when I saw her.  She lost this nickname when I noticed a bit of Aphrodite's fin in her mouth.  I was horrified when Zoey threw up bits of fin, and began to eat them again.

Thayet was the most friendly fish I ever met, and I will miss her a lot.  If I ever find another fish the same colors, and as friendly as her I will buy it in Thayet's memory.  It's name will be Queen Thayet Bubbles the second, but she will never be able to replace QTBT1st. 


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fill in the blanks

Okay, so I have a short story below, but it's full of blanks! Fill in the blanks to make this story your way! :)

Once upon a time, a ______ named ________ lived with _______ in a magical ________! ________ went out one day and met a _________.  The _______ said that ______ could have _________________ if ________.  Should ________ except the _______'s offer?  Or should ______ just leave? 
TO BE _________.

It's a very short story.  Here's my version with the blanks filled in:

Once upon a time, a young girl named Stevia lived with her mother, and seven siblings in a magical cave! Stevia went out one day and met a Vampire.  The Vampire said that she could have three wishes if she would become a vampire! Should she except the Vampire's offer?  Or should she just leave?  TO BE FINISHED LATER.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

NaNoWriMo, and Kylie's fish.

So let's face it, I'm not great about blogging.  I'll get into it, and be great about it for a while then, oops! It's been two months since I last blogged!

This month I'm doing NaNoWriMo (national novel writer's month).  I'm finishing The Powers: Kylie's Test for it.  I just decided that Kylie ends up in their new house, and get three fish tanks! Two two gallon tanks, each has a male Betta in it, and one fifty gallon tank community tank! She has four female Bettas, four male, and two female Guppies, several Neon tetra, and a Suckerfish in the community tank. 

Her Bettas are:
King, a black, and blue bodied male Crowntail Betta, with blue, and red fins. 
Blaze, a bright red male Halfmoon Betta.
Queenie, a female Betta with more or less the same coloring as King.
Moonshadow (Shadow for short), a black female Betta.
Solar Flare (Flare for short), a red female Betta with orange fins.
Lavender (Lavy for short), a female Betta that is multiple shades of purple.

Her Guppies are:
Shade, a black male Guppy.
River, a male fancy Guppy, with a black body, a blue head, and blue fins with darker blue spots on them, and black on the tips.
Pine, another male fancy Guppy, has the same pattern as River, but he's green, and black instead of blue, and black.
Apollo, is an orange male Guppy with red fins.
Princess, is a female (obviously?) Guppy that is all pink, except for the tips of her fins, which are purple.
Zara, is a female fancy Guppy with the same pattern as Pine, and River, except she's red, not blue, or green.

Her suckerfish:
Muddy, is a brown suckerfish, with dark spots.  Gender unknown.

And the neon tetras are unnamed due to lack of difference between them.

So that's what Kylie is up to! Naming, and tending to her fish!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

This RanDom World...

My friends and I created a YouTube account to put up videos we make for fun.  It's called ThisRanDomWorld1.  I recently put up a video about Sharks that I made for a presentation, called "Nobody understands sharks".  If you decide to watch my videos remember one thing: They're not supposed to be GOOD videos, they're supposed to be funny, and/or entertaining.  They were made for fun, so that's what I want them to be.

I am also going to start a webcomic about sharks! Keep checking back for when I start putting it up! :)

These are the main Characters for my Webcomic "Maneaters".

This is Ebony, she's a blacktip reef shark.  She's new to Hawaii, where humans are illegal to hunt.  If you're a shark, and you hunt a human, whether you kill that human or not, you are banished, not allowed to return. 

Belia is an Albino Great White shark, the most popular shark in school! Belia is dating another Great White named Jason.  Orphaned, her parents were banished after accidentally attacking humans.

Horns is a Bully, Bull shark.  Constantly teases Ebony, for being the new shark, and Little blue, for his name, and fins.

Little Blue is a Thresher shark.  Blue has abnormally large fins, even for a Thresher.  Constantly being teased by Horns, Ebony becomes his best friend.

Nala is a tiger shark.  Nala is nice to everybody, but she has a short temper.  If you make Nala mad be careful, she's attacked a few sharks before.  Little Blue's tail used to be even longer! He learned not to make Nala mad the hard way...

Sally is a hammerhead.  Sally is the smartest shark in the entire school.  Mr. Lemon's favorite student.  Little Blue, and Ebony are her friends.  Her only friends.

Mr. Lemon is the Shark School teacher.  He's mean, short-tempered, not afraid to bite, and only likes one of his students - Sally.  The only other sharks who even try to get his affection are Ebony, and Little Blue.  The others don't care whether he likes them or not, but they try not to make him mad.  Well, too mad.

I don't have a picture of Jason yet, but here's his description:
Jason is a great white shark that plays lots of sports.  Jason isn't Mr. Lemon's favorite student, in fact, he's Mr. Lemon's least favorite student, next to the cheerleader, Kimberly.  Jason is the most popular boy shark in the school, which is why he's dating Belia.  Which makes them the most popular couple in school.

And of course, Kimberly:
Kimberly is a Megamouth shark, which is appropriate, because the only thing she really knows is Cheerleading.  Kimberly's Mom disappeared, nobody knows where, not even her Dad.  Kimberly has six younger siblings! And people say Megamouths are rare.  Kimberly's two younger sisters are also cheerleaders.

There are more characters but those are the main characters.  Such as all of the shark families! Except for Belia's family of course.  Kimberly's family will probably be the most fun to create.  But out of the main characters I think Jason, Nala, Blue, and Ebony will be the most fun to draw, and create their personality. 

So that's my Webcomic! :)

Monday, August 1, 2011


This school year I am going to be studying sharks!

Well, I'm doing other things as well, but I'm going to try and make all of my subjects revolve around sharks :)

Such as:
Stories, and papers for english about sharks.
Shark Biology.
I'm gonna try and figure out how I can make my math problems into sharks problems.

At the beginning of the school year I'm going to do a presentation on sharks, what I know, and what I want to know.  My goal with this presentation is to show people that sharks shouldn't be feared.  They should be respected.  There is a difference.

I will have a list of goals for the school year including:
Learn about fresh and salt water aquarium sharks. (Like small sharks that people have in normal fish tanks!)
Visit an aquarium that has sharks in it.   (Big sharks :)
Go on a whale watch. (there is a chance of seeing a shark, plus I'd love to be more comfortable on boats..)
And more!