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Monday, January 31, 2011


This is the FOURTH What is this a picture of! We've had some really great answers! Last week we only had two guesses.  One was rightish........ I'm not sure whether or not to call it correct or not... Last week's was a picture of the moon.  Therefore the score is:
1. My Dad, he had two guesses o.o and one was right....
2. Brooke, the only other guesser, I still love your answers!

Soo, what is this a picture of? ;)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Interview wihth M.L. (Maria Luna)

1. Q: What are your favorite colors, and why?

2. Q. Why don't you like people talking to you?

3. Q. How did you escape the Darkest Lord when he took You, and Bella?
A. I punched him in the face and he threw me out of the van. *cough* sketchy WHITE van.....

4. Q. Did Bella protest when he threw you?
A. Duh

5. Q. So she wasn't under his control anymore?
A. Not at that moment, I think she recognized me..

6. Q. How quickly after you were thrown out of van did Kylie and the protectors find you?
A. About a half hour.

7. Q.(from Maria) Why do u take so long to think??
A. (from Keet) Hey! I'm asking the questions!!

8.Q. Not for looong!!!
A. So what, you're going to interview me next or something?

9. Q. Why do you ask too many questions?
A. Because this is an interview.

10. Q. Back to the interview, what was Zosimo's reaction to finding you, alive, and unhypnotized?
A. He was Happy!  He actually hugged me, I was kinda surprised that he was acting so emotional.

11. Q. Last question, do you have any clue what Isha did to Kylie?
A. o.O

And very few people will ever know the answer to the last question! Until they read my book that is..... >_>
SNEAK PEAK FROM "The Powers: Kylie's Test":

I looked straight into Isha's eyes. His eyes were orange. Blood-shot, and his eyes were orange! “Elaine, what's wrong with Isha?” The bond I had with Isha pulsed with rage, and darkness. “Ella?!” Nolan, and Zosimo ran up. “Not again!” Nolan said. “What do you mean 'again'?! What's wrong with Isha?!” I shouted at the two boys. “It's time, Kylie. Today is the day you die,” Isha said, his eyes as wide as possible. “What is he talking about?!” I screeched. “He's under the Darkest Lord's control!” Zosimo screamed at me. Mae ran up then, having heard our screaming at each other. Well mostly my screaming at everybody else. She had heard the last, and most important thing any of us had said though. “He's under the Darkest Lord's control” was the only thing Mae had heard. Her eyes went wide, “Who is?” She asked. I just pointed to Isha, still to surprised to even speak. Elaine was still whispering to her brother, asking him to come back. It seemed to be slowly working, I could feel the shadow disappearing through the bond. It was working too slowly! I got down on my hands and knees to help Elaine. Ella smiled at me encouragingly. “Isha, please come back! We need you. I need you! Isha!” The darkness was almost completely gone. His eyes were kind of yellow-green, and the orange still fading. He moaned again, and rolled away from us. Then, an ear-piercing shriek came from my protector.

That's all I'm telling! XP

Friday, January 28, 2011

A Day in the Life of a Zarin. (Chapter 2)

I sat up slowly.  I was very tired.  I had stayed up quite late doing tasks.  "Kaylinn!" My Mom yelled from down stairs.  I walked groggily downstairs to see what the problem was.  "Kaylinn, someone stole five hundred Krays from us last night."  Krays are Kreature world's money. Five hundred Krays is a lot.  "Who on Kreature World would have done such a thing?!" I exclaimed.  "Do not talk to your mother like that! You awful Zarin!" My father was always awful to me, and suspected me whenever something went wrong.  Never did he guess that my younger adopted brother stole from them almost every night.  He had only ever stolen small amounts, until I became a Zarin.  "Weston, we're not accusing her, remember?"  My Mom said gently.  I knew she thought it was Verlin, too.  "Who else could it have been?"  My Dad snapped.  "What about... Verlin?"  "VERLIN IS A GOOD BOY AND NEVER WOULD'VE STOLEN THAT MANY KRAYS!" He screamed at my Mother.  My Mom nodded, fighting back the tears.  My Mom knew that I never had stolen any money.  She had caught Verlin in the act, but my Father never believed her.  Since my Father loved his two sons, much more than he loved his daughters, he always thought us girls did everything wrong, and his little boys could do no wrong.  "Verlin, and Tessen, would never steal money from us.  Rania, and Kaylinn are who I'm afraid of."  "Tessen is a baby! I would never suspect him!" "Verlin is a year younger than Kaylinn.  Why would he have stolen money?  Kaylinn is a Zarin."  My Father hissed the word Zarin, as if were the most horrible thing on Kreature World.  And in most minds, it was.  "I'm only a Zarin because Sierra messed up! It's not my fault!" I blurted out.  I knew I shouldn't have spoken.  My Father looked to me, "You think you would have been a Zerina then?  If not for your best friend?!  You completely blame the child you call your friend for your problems?!" I shook my head vigorously.  I didn't blame Sierra, not exactly.  Well, I blamed her, but I also blamed the town for not explaining it to her.  "Then why did you say it?"  I didn't say anything.  "Good! You're finally learning to hold your tongue."  He walked away.  I ran to Tessen's room, and picked up the baby.  "Tessen, I think I'm going to take you away.  I can't live here, I'm a Zarin, and our Father hates me.  I'm probably going to get Sierra to come with me."  Then I had an idea.  I brought Tessen with me into my room, and started playing with him.  I wrote a note to Sierra.  Sier, I can't stay here, my Father already hates me, and it's worse now that I'm a Zarin.  Please come with me.  Verlin stole FIVE HUNDRED Krays from them last night! My Dad, naturally, blames me.  I'm going to take Tessen with me, if Verlin cotinues to steal from them while we're away my Dad will catch him! Sier, please come with me.  Signed, Kayl.  Sier was Sierra's nickname, and Kayl was mine.  I wrote the note in our secret code so nobody else could read it, that way nobody else would know I was running away.  I started packing, in a way that wouldn't be noticed.  I took out all my clothes and decided what I absolutely needed.  I took everything black.  Three pairs of black jeans, the dress ones that I rarely wore.  Two pairs of very dark blue jeans, that were my favorites.  A dark red shirt.  A dark blue, and black striped shirt.  Two plain black shirts.  And one orange shirt.  I took ten pairs of socks, I had two pairs that matched each shirt.  Meaning, fours pairs of black socks, two pairs of orange, two of blue and black striped, and two dark red pairs.  I took lots of "under-garments".  I quietly walked downstairs, and into the kitchen.  Nobody was home.  Dad had left for work.  Mom was out shopping.  And Verlin, and Rania were in school.  Zerinas, and Zarins don't go to school, because they hae to stay home and take care of the house.  I grabbed bread, and things that didn't need to stay cool that we could make sandwiches out of.  Our future held lots of peanut butter sandwiches.  I went back upstairs, and found a note from Sierra.  Kayl, I, too, find it difficult being a Zarin.  I will run with you.  I know how bad your Father can get, I've seen him do bad stuff, you have no clue what he does sometimes, and let me tell you, you don't want to.  Your mother doesn't know either.  I'm all packed, I packed as soon as I got your note.  Tonight we run, see you then.  Signed, Sier.  I packed up Tessen's things, and wrote back to Sierra, telling her that tonight would be fine.  I had food, and clothes for myself, and for Tessen.  That night, Sierra and I passed notes, right before we both walked out of the door.  That night, was like nothing either of us had ever experienced. 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday quotes and stories.

I have a quote to post about today.  ^_^

Meep - "I told S that we remembered our first ballet dance together, and she was like 'Oh my gosh, are you serious?!' I told her that I was." Keet - "Haha!" *Music from first ballet dance together plays, (A girl on our competition team is doing it for a solo) Meep and Keet start dancing* Meep - "What comes next?!" Keet - "Um.. I think it was... Oh yeah!" *starts dances again*.  *laughs when fails COMPLETELY!*

Ahhh, fun times with Meep.  :P

Seeing as I just chose my themes YESTERDAY, I didn't have much to post about today, I'll have more next Thursday ;)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"Random update" Wednesday post.

I have decided to try and post one blog post everyday of the week.  I have a theme for each day:
Tuesday: Haven't decided yet....
Wednesday: Random update, "Free-post" day.
Thursday: Pictures, Quotes, and stories from that week.
Friday: A Day in the Life of a Zarin.  (Thanks for the idea Mom ;)
Saturday: About my books.  (Cool facts about my books.  Which ever book I feel like posting about XD)
Sunday: Winners of What-picture, Music videos, and how to play (or lyrics) for a song.  (My choice XP)

You know what's coming next, right?!  Of course you do! I challenge everybody to come up with themes so you could (if you wanted to) have something to post about everyday!

Monday, January 24, 2011


WHAT IS THIS A PICTURE OF?!?!  This is our third week! Thanks everybody for your great answers! Last week's winners are:
1. Meep, because she was the first one to post the right answer!
2. My Mommy, because she posted it second.
3. Brooke.  Fun answers again! And you got the correct answer third. ;)

In case I have any new commenters, (Not very likely) the prize for placing is a comment on your blog saying you won.  ;) Have fun with this one!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Day in the Life of a Zarin *a Kreature World Tale*

I turned away from the crowd.  I knew what was to come.  Any children that did not have their ceremony before Sierra would become a Zarin.  I couldn't believe how badly Sierra screwed up! I wasn't mad at her though.  It wasn't her fault, she hadn't known better.  I ran all the way home.  I refused to meet any body's eyes on the way.  I was a Zarin.  It didn't matter that there would be another ceremony the very next day.  I was a Zarin, and I couldn't escape that fact.  Maybe, before my 15th birthday I could do something heroic, and become a Zer! I did wish I could be a Zerina, but it was impossible.  I started a "task" list.  I wrote it in a code Sierra, and I had made up, so only we could read it.  Knit.  I loved knitting.  I would knit things for other people, and leave them where the people could find them, but in a way that they would never suspect it was from me.  A Zarin has to do tasks in a special way.  Nobody can know that it was the Zarin that did the tasks.  I got to work.  I started knitting a hat for my baby brother, who would join the children of the town in a few weeks.  Babies do not get their Kreatures until they became children, the Kreature remain in their eggs until then.  I finished knitting the hat unusually quickly.  After about three hours I had three hats, and two pairs of slipper, a definite record.  Then I started cleaning the house.  My whole family was in bed, so it was the time I would do the most tasks.  During the day I would mostly study, and do homework.  At night I would knit, and do other tasks.  I cleaned my Baby brother's room first.  I couldn't help but wonder what Sierra was doing right then.  Was she cleaning?  Or was she asleep?  Her house was right next door to mine, so we had connected our rooms with a bucket on some string.  I wrote a quick note to her:  Sierra: Are you awake?  What did you put on your task list?  I'm sorry, I'm just curious! I almost LIKE being a Zarin! I bet your Zerina brothers don't have to do thing secretly! And I bet they don't get to sneak around your house at night! :) Your Friend! Kaylinn.  I folded the paper and put it in the bucket.  I put the lid on the bucket, and passed it to Sierra's house using a pulley.  Sierra came to the window, almost immediately! She smiled at me, and took the note out of the bucket.  She shook her head as she read it, then she quickly wrote a reply, and sent it over.  Her reply said: Kaylinn: Yeah, I'm awake! I put clean sibling's rooms, knit, make beds, sweep, and clean up after pets on mine! What about you?  By the way don't answer this note tonight! Answer it tomorrow morning, I have a lot of tasks to do! I kind of like being a Zarin too, though my family would probably kill me for saying it! No, brothers don't do secret tasks, or sneak around the house. :) You friend! Sierra.  I smiled at her note, then nodded, and we both went to do more tasks.  I finished cleaning my baby brother's room, then moved onto my younger sister's room.  Rania stirred in her sleep, I was afraid I had woken her! Then she rolled over, away from me, and went back to sleep.  I picked up one of her dolls.  I had given it to her, the day before my 12th birthday.  My reall birthday was weeks before the Zerina ceremony, but I had still started my transformation then.  I had given all my dolls, and toys away.  I had given Rania my favorite doll.  I gently lifted Rania's arm, and put the doll under it.  She smiled in her sleep.  I was afraid I had woken her.  I finished her room, and moved on.  Working quickly and quietly, I sneaked through the house, cleaning almost everything that needed it.  Then I went back to my room, sent Sierra a "good-night!" note, and went to bed.  I woke up with Rania standing over my bed.  "Somebody cleaned my whooole room for me last night, Kaylinn!" She said excitedly.  I was incredibly tired, I had stayed up most of the night.  "That's cool, Rania!" I replied.  She ran out of her room skipping............

TO BE CONTINUED...... Sorry I posted this sooooo late, it's been sitting open, ready to post for HOURS.  :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

What is this a picture of? #2

WHAT IS THIS A PICTURE OF?? Good luck :)  If you win your prize is..... *drumroll* I post a comment on your blog saying you won!! :D  The winners of the last WHAT IS THIS A PICTURE OF:
1. Meeeeeeep wins first place for commenting with the EXACT answer!!
2. My Daddy gets second place, because he put so much information, and one piece of his info was WRONG.
3. Brooke gets third place.  She had not only the most answers, but the best (even though they weren't right) answers!! I really had fun with your answers Brooke.  ;)

Congratz winners!! You will all get comments on your blogs!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Simple Day in Summer

This is a story I wrote for a writing contest.  The contest theme is "What I like about my Town", but any town is OK.  First prize is $100-$500!! Wish me luck!! :)

I stepped outside, just as a warm summer breeze picked up. The leaves on the trees in my suburban neighborhood were all a pleasant green color, not too light like in the spring, and not too dark like in the fall. The sun shining through the leaves made the whole road light up, in a green color, slightly lighter than the leaves themselves. I put my hair in a ponytail to keep it from blowing all over the place. Then I put on my helmet, and grabbed my bicycle. I was about to ride my bicycle down-town to the library, then afterward I was thinking about going to get some french fries, from my family's favorite pizza place. I'd have to ask my Mom about that one. My Mom, and sisters were riding with me. Our Dad was in work. It's a shame Dad had to work on such a nice day... I thought. We passed by many houses, and streets, but there was the same green light that I had seen on my own road in so many places. After a few streets, and some big buildings, with very few trees around them we were in an area where when you could see the houses, it was just barely, the rest was forests, and small marshes. We rode in a tight formation. Well, a line really. I was in front, my younger sister behind me, our youngest sister behind her, and our Mom in the very back. We rode like this until we got to a place at the rode where we'd have to cross. “Which way are we taking this time, Mom?” I asked. “Let's go through the golf coarse,” She replied. I turned right at the flashing light, rode for maybe three minutes, then crossed the road by turned left onto a small paved road. The road runs through a golf coarse. There are many trees, and lots of foliage on the side of this road. We rode on the twisting road, for a while. I got to the big hill first. I gathered up speed before riding up the hill, so I got to the top without getting of my bike. Everybody else had to get off their bikes. I got a drink from my water bottle while I was waiting for them to get up the hill. They all got a drink, and we started riding again. We rode down the other side of the hill, which isn't as steep. Then, the road started to curve again. Finally, after about fifteen minutes riding through the golf coarse, we took a sharp left turn, then after riding about 50 feet a sharp right. We rode along this road for about ten minutes. First we passed a big piece of the golf coarse. Then we got to an area that is only forest! Forest on both sides of the road, makes it a quite pleasant to ride through. Then we got to a place where we could get our bikes through some big rocks, placed so people couldn't drive over that area I'm guessing, and get into the high-school parking lot. We rode through the parking lot, but that didn't take long. We were in a part of town that is densely populated. We rode to a cross walk, and crossed at the only traffic light I can think of in town! Then we rode down the road across from the schools. We took a few side roads, until we got close to the beach. Then, we were finally at the library. We went inside, and returned the books we had. I got five new books out. That is the limit for children at my library. The library talked to us for a few minutes. Then I asked my Mom if we could go to the pizza place and get french fries, my Mom agreed. We ordered two large buckets of fries. I had to talk her into more than one bucket. Then we walked our bikes down towards the beach. In the center of down town there is a large elevated oval. Called by most people “The Square”. Don't ask me why an oval is called the square. But it is. We ate the french fries in the square, occasionally throwing one to the dozens of seagulls that circled above our heads. When we finished we started the ride home.

What I like most about my home town is how many plants and animals really live here! When you here the name of the town most of the time you'd think, “Wow! That's such a tourist town!” And it is, in the summer. But in the side of town I live on there are many forests, and my family, and I have even seen signs of Deer in the woods near by!

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Books I'm writing!! *IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER!!*

Alphabetical order..... Haha yeah right! Anyway.  These are the series of books I'm writing! The descriptions are about the first books, though I am not adding the book titles.  The author name is going to be in () thingies, which I cannot think of the name for right now.  Keet is the name if it's only by me! If the title has * in front of it, it's based on a true story! If it has ** next to it, it's based on a dream I had.  And if it has *** next to it, it's just a cool idea for a story.  ;)

**The Powers(Keet):
Kylie's test is to kill a demon.  Kylie doesn't believe in demons.  Luckily, she's got help.  Her sister, and her new found friend, and protector, and her protector's siblings, are going to help her find her lost sisters, and her mother.  But first she's got to kill the "Out-law" demon.  Kylie, was an orphan most of her life, and until meeting her father, didn't believe in magic, vampires, zombies, demons, elves, ghosts, or "protectors".  And she hadn't even heard of Zompires! Then her Dad came along and changed her, and her sibling's lives forever.

**Kreature World(Maybelle Leah Kelly):
Best friends Kylie Black, Maria Luna, Bella Nell, and Mae Nell, discovered a new planet! They call it kreature world, as their club is The Kreature Club.  These four homeschooling kids, build a high-tech rocket, and fly to outer-space to land on their new planet.  What they don't expect is the people living on the planet! People originally from earth, who now live on this new planet with odd creatures called Kreatures.  The girls get their own kreatures, but since they did not swear to live on kreature world until they turned 15, and became adults on kreature world, their kreatures ended deformed and evil! The girls have to save kreature world from the Kreatures of evil!

***Sledders(Maybelle Leah Kelly):
Maya, a Siberian husky, is tranquilized, then wakes up in a wooden crate! There must be some mistake! But no, her former owners sold her to a man starting a sled dog team.  Maya falls in love with a cat named Blueberry, and adopts two wolf puppies! Then Juneau, and Star come along.  Maya falls for Juneau, and Blueberry falls for Star, immediately! As these dogs are joined by others, they face angry bears, huge wolf packs, and long, hard races!

*The Rodents(Keet):
Adele and Xavier are having their first litter of baby mice! When only one of the litter survives, they try to protect him with their lives! The colony of mice must leave their home when a cat finds where they live.  Zosimo Mortyss, "Survivor of Death" is allowed to walk, in between his parents, though his eyes are not open yet.  Then a cat finds the moving colony, and his parents run in different directions! Zosimo gets left behind.  Then a human girl finds him, and takes care of him.  After a few days without his mother, Zosimo dies, partially from dispare at not being able to find his mother, and partially because the human doesn't know enough about how to care for baby mice.  Then, Zosimo comes back to life, when Adele gives birth a second time.  A story of birth, life, learning, death, and re-birth.

***The Unnatural(Keet):
Kelsey Atiya, has been on her own in a Zombie Apocalypse for six months.  Then, a pair of twin boys find where she lives.  Kelsey "adopts" the boys, and trains them how to survive.  Later on, Jack, and Peter realize that Kelsey is their older sister, who had been kidnapped, only weeks before they were born.  The kidnappers were not able to have child, so they took Kelsey, and raised the girl as their own. 

A girl with an odd name gets a puppy for her 11th birthday.  "Water-lily" (I started these when I was young
-.-) names the puppy Chestnut, and they go on kinds of adventures!

***The Wolves(has an author name, which I do not remember!):
Leader, Forest, Star, and Sniffs are kicked out of their too large, and still growing pack.  They start their own pack.  Leader (he is given this name when they start their new pack), and Forest give birth to 3 children.  Bluestar, Bear, and Moose.  Star's children are all still born, except one.  Blackmoon.  Blackmoon, and Bluestar eventually take over the pack when their parents die, and give birth to their own children.  Moss, Rain, and Fern.  (Moss is my wolf charater, and Rain is Meep's)  The adult wolves bring the pups out for their first hunting lessons, while hunting the pack meets three loners, who become part of the pack.  Then the pack meets a rival pack, in battle. 

***The Treasure Hunters(Keet):About two kids, Marie, and John, who get taken by pirates while on a whale-watch with their family! The pirates take them to an island nobody has ever heard about.  The island has all kinds of weird creatures on it.  The kids meet the people who live on the island, and are told amazing stories.  The kids learn they have to find a treasure, otherwise the whole island might die! It's a race between the pirates, and the twins, the question is, Who will win?

***Midnight Shadows(Keet):
A bunch of horror short stories! Not very scary, in the style of "The Midnight Library" and "Tales from the Shadows".  (No, I did not use the two names and put them together, I swear!)

***Silly Stories(Keet):Traditional children's stories re-made! Little Red Riding Hood becomes The Little Red Sending Box in Silly stories!

**The Dog's Hero(Keet!):Dreamer is a dog who is owned by a fake cop.  Dreamer got his name because he always dreamed of having a nice home, and so, he was always a nice dog.  Dreamer was severely abused by his owner.  One day his owner was "investigating" a crime scene.  When he went to places of crimes he dresses like a police officer, then he snuck in, and stole the people's valuables.  One day a little girl caught the man in his act, and Dreamer was taken away.  But Dreamer was going to the pound, not the animal shelter, the pound.  The little girl couldn't bare to let Dreamer go, and there be a possiblity of him dying, so the girl requested that Dreamer live with her.  And Dreamer's dream finally came true!! :) (This is a DREAM I had, get it?  Dreamer, Dream, haha!)

That's it...... For now, dun dun dun!!!!!!!!!! :P

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


So much for me trying to post every day in 2011! At least in Janury, because with competitions, and recitals, and dance classes, and music classes, and stuff I wouldn't be able to post EVERYDAY..... Oh well.  But I've missed a few days now... Mostly because I've been busy.  Here is another AMAZING, MUST READ POST!

Animals: My fish scared me a few days ago, I thought he was dead! But he's swimming around behind me right now, so I'm good. ;)
Ballet: I'm doing three ballet classes this year encluding pointe!
Books: I like books!! Later I will count my books, and post the number on this blog! I know I own over 222 books.  :)
Comic: I'm only interested in Zombie, and Vampire comics!
Dance: I'm doing a lot of dance this year! Three ballet classes, two jazz classes, one musical theater class, one tap class, and I'm on my dance school's competition team! I do about eleven and a half hours of dance every week.
Games: I am currently interested in only one game, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, though I hate the Harry Potter books.  Actually not true, I liked 1-4.  :D
Gardening: It's winter-time now, there are no gardens....
Holidays: I'm going to post a knitting challenge on Knit and Adventure soon! It's a Valentine's day challenge <3
Knitting: See above. XD
Kreature World: Kreature World awaits.......... Now on Kreature World, anybody between the ages of 12 and 15 are Zerinas! (Or if your ceramony goes badly Zarins, but that's another story!) So I am a Zerina! :3
Music: I have figured out what genre of music I like, it's not punk rock like I thought! It's Punk pop!
Pets: I have a lot of pets! We are also pet-sitting my older sister's rabbit, Jay.  Yup, we gave her this rabbit...
Poems: This poem is called Glittering Nights:
Dew drops form and then they freeze,
On this night, on the cool winter ground.
The stars come out, their shapes are keys,
As they glitter in the night, all around.
The full moon rises, above the sea,
It's shining face, just visable in the clouds.
The water shines bright, just for me.
As I walk through the silent woods, without sounds,
Rolling hills in the distance, to far to see,
Where wild flowers once grew, just for you.
As I think of the nights, that once were here,
I can see you glittering, you're very near.
Yup, I wrote this poem.  It takes pure skill to rhyme "clouds" and "sounds" :)
School: After this post I get to do lots of Math! :D (:\)
Sledders: Maya is a dog.  From Sledders.  Gosh I haven't written sledders in forever!
The Powers: I'm trying to finish The Powers before the end of the year, or before the end of May, hopefully the second, but if not then I'll make it before Halloween.  :)
The Rodents: The Rodents is coming along O.K.  I mean, it could be better......
Writing: This whole post was written, by meeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Keet!! *v* <------birdie.

By the way, I do realize this post does not have every label on it.  Because blogger apparently has this rule thingy, and each post can only have 20 labels! Isn't that messed up?!  Oh well! Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase comment! p.q  q.p

Sunday, January 9, 2011

What is this a picture of?!

Last post today, promise.  WHAT IS THIS A PICTURE OF??  Who can guess?  If you guess correctly I'll comment on your blog saying that you won WHAT IS THIS A PICTURE OF! :D


Maria Luna
Kylie Black


Bella Nell

OK, these pictures don't look amazing....... But that's only because I took pictures of these drawings so I could post them on my blog.  I'm just awesome like that :)

The Powers pics :)

I'm drawing some pictures right now for The Powers.  So far I've drawn the triplets.  The pictures look amazing!! Probably the best pictures I've ever drawn! Though Kylie looks goth.... I have a part of the story:
"Why do you insist on wearing black and red clothes all the time?!"  Isha asked, annoyed by my clothing choice.  "They're my favorite colors! Before Bella, Maria, and I had names we had nicknames! Blackie was mine because I have black hair, and always wore, and still wear, black! Black stuck with me, though Bella dropped 'Choco', and Maria dropped 'Flame'," I replied.  "Your nicknames, before you choose real names, were Choco, Flame, and Blackie?" "Yup!" "I always knew you three were insane...." "Hey!"

:) Kylie and Isha fight a lot I noticed.  Isha is convinced that Kylie should wear the colors of her powers, but she likes black and red over dark blue, and teal.  :D

Friday, January 7, 2011

Halloween count down?!

I figured since I posted such a short post today I should post again! This time it's about a new gadget I found for my blog! The Halloween Count-down! Now, whoever thought of this gadget is very creative! I mean seriously, who is going to be making a HALLOWEEN COUNT-DOWN gadget for blogger?!  Though, who wouldn't want one?! :D Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I though when I saw the count-down thingy, "OH MY GOSH!! HOLY COW!! A COUNT-DOWN TO HALLOWEEN?!?!  MUST HAVE IT!!!!!" That's pretty much what ran through my mind when I saw it.  :)  Sorry, I had to post about this amazing gadget, and it couldn't wait until tomorrow.  ;)

'As soon as...............

I can find good batteries for my camera I'll put up a picture, and there will be a challenge with this picture.  The challenge will be:
What is this a picture of?! It'll be a game that I'll post, weekly?  I dunno....  Soon I'll put up the first one!! :D

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


 I got my camera today!! Proof:

My "wall-paper".  :)  And a picture of a Piranha that I drew.  :3

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Soon I'm getting a camera! Then I will have pictures in my posts again! My old camera is broken, because when I was eight I wasn't very careful with it.  :P And my laptop doesn't have a card reader.  -.- So my parents are getting a new camera for them and I get their old one! And the new USB cable that's coming with the new camera.  I should so post about my wall-paper.  o.o  In case you don't get that, one of the walls in my room is almost completely covered in drawings, old calendar pictures, post cards, and other pictures.  I call it my "wall-paper".  :)  I will take a picture of my wall-paper and post it! :P

Monday, January 3, 2011

The Rodents.......................

A new series I was inspired to write because of the song "ZZZZZ" by The Cab.  About.... suspense....... rodents! The first book is about mice.  One mouse in particular.  It's about Adele, and Xavier, who give birth to five children, all of which die, EXCEPT Zosimo.  I know you'll recognize that name from The Powers.  But Zosimo Cethin, and Nolan Mortyss got their names, well half of each of their names, from a baby mouse I found in my closet, I took care of the mouse for a few days, but he was too young and ended up dying.  :(  Though my sisters hated it, I called the baby Zosimo Mortyss.  A.K.A., Zo.  I had Zo when my favorite song was ZZZZZ.  I didn't know at the time that if you got your scent on a wild baby rodent that the mother would kill or abandon the baby.  I picked him up so I didn't hurt him.  Yes, I picked up the baby mouse with out even really thinking about it.  A wild mouse.  That I found in my closet.  I DIDN'T WANT THE CAT TO GET HIM WHILE I GOT MY MOM!!! GOSH!!! And I didn't want to attract dog or cat attention by calling her.  So I showed him to her.  You have to heat the babies before they'll eat, and Zo got too cold, and hungry....  AND we fed him COW'S milk, which hurts baby mice.  I apparently did everything wrong, but I learned from it.  And all this will be in my new book, only in a more child-friendly way in order to make it a good story, and we don't have people complaining to me for making their kid cry themselves to sleep every night because of what happened to little Zo! :D I plan for this to be my first finished book.  One part of ZZZZZ made me decide to write this new book:
 And you know, that I, am not gettin' by,
I've lost it! You're in my mind!
And every day's the darkest of my life!
I never said I was the best thing for you!
Baby, where'd you go?!
I need you here tonight....
Singin' myself to sleep!
You're still my favorite melody!
It's been three weeks,
how long can this go on?
Singin' myself to sleep!
And you're haunting every memory!

Well, that's the part that inspired my new book.  THANK YOU THE CAB FOR THE AMAZING IDEA! :) YOU'RE MY FAVORITE BAND, ONLY SLIGHTLY MORE BECAUSE OF THIS! Anyway, I highly doubt anybody from the band reads my blog, but if they do then they'll see that, and be happy. ;)  So, that's it! I just figured I put that on meh blog, that way I won't forget any of that information.  That's part of the reason I blog right there.  :P

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Powers SONGS!

I have a list of songs that fit with The Powers series! The order I'm putting the songs in is in the order of events in the book.  Songs I don't have a place for, or that are from a book other than the first one, are going on the very bottom:
Jump In - Making April
Chase you Done - Making April (One of my favorite bands!! :)
I'll Run - The Cab
Sugar, We're Goin' Down - Fall Out Boy (sounds good for the ending fight -.-)
As Long As You're Mine - Wicked! (The musical, sounds good for the end of BOOK ONE.)

From Where You Are - Lifehouse (This is for book 2, Isha's Troubles, it's about Isha in case you didn't notice :)
Vegas Skies - The Cab (another good band, for Isha's Troubles.)
Great Escape - Boys Like Girls (See above's description :P)
All We Are - Matt Nathanson (I have no clue what book/section this is for, but it's a good song.....)

So, that's it!! :D

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Letter-writing Month?!

Aparently January is Letter-Writing month!! So, I have a challenge for people! Send at LEAST three letters this month! Short post I know ;P  Oh! And just to let people know, my nickname is not KAT anymore, so I'm changing my name on blogger!! It's Keet now! :P