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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


So much for me trying to post every day in 2011! At least in Janury, because with competitions, and recitals, and dance classes, and music classes, and stuff I wouldn't be able to post EVERYDAY..... Oh well.  But I've missed a few days now... Mostly because I've been busy.  Here is another AMAZING, MUST READ POST!

Animals: My fish scared me a few days ago, I thought he was dead! But he's swimming around behind me right now, so I'm good. ;)
Ballet: I'm doing three ballet classes this year encluding pointe!
Books: I like books!! Later I will count my books, and post the number on this blog! I know I own over 222 books.  :)
Comic: I'm only interested in Zombie, and Vampire comics!
Dance: I'm doing a lot of dance this year! Three ballet classes, two jazz classes, one musical theater class, one tap class, and I'm on my dance school's competition team! I do about eleven and a half hours of dance every week.
Games: I am currently interested in only one game, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, though I hate the Harry Potter books.  Actually not true, I liked 1-4.  :D
Gardening: It's winter-time now, there are no gardens....
Holidays: I'm going to post a knitting challenge on Knit and Adventure soon! It's a Valentine's day challenge <3
Knitting: See above. XD
Kreature World: Kreature World awaits.......... Now on Kreature World, anybody between the ages of 12 and 15 are Zerinas! (Or if your ceramony goes badly Zarins, but that's another story!) So I am a Zerina! :3
Music: I have figured out what genre of music I like, it's not punk rock like I thought! It's Punk pop!
Pets: I have a lot of pets! We are also pet-sitting my older sister's rabbit, Jay.  Yup, we gave her this rabbit...
Poems: This poem is called Glittering Nights:
Dew drops form and then they freeze,
On this night, on the cool winter ground.
The stars come out, their shapes are keys,
As they glitter in the night, all around.
The full moon rises, above the sea,
It's shining face, just visable in the clouds.
The water shines bright, just for me.
As I walk through the silent woods, without sounds,
Rolling hills in the distance, to far to see,
Where wild flowers once grew, just for you.
As I think of the nights, that once were here,
I can see you glittering, you're very near.
Yup, I wrote this poem.  It takes pure skill to rhyme "clouds" and "sounds" :)
School: After this post I get to do lots of Math! :D (:\)
Sledders: Maya is a dog.  From Sledders.  Gosh I haven't written sledders in forever!
The Powers: I'm trying to finish The Powers before the end of the year, or before the end of May, hopefully the second, but if not then I'll make it before Halloween.  :)
The Rodents: The Rodents is coming along O.K.  I mean, it could be better......
Writing: This whole post was written, by meeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Keet!! *v* <------birdie.

By the way, I do realize this post does not have every label on it.  Because blogger apparently has this rule thingy, and each post can only have 20 labels! Isn't that messed up?!  Oh well! Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase comment! p.q  q.p


Brooke said...


Taylorswift! said...

Wow!. thx for all your sopport! and i am amazed by all ur books! pravo pravo!.

Keet!! said...

NP. :P BTW I don't even post about half my books on this blog!! ^_^ I should post the titles and author names (if I don't have my real name as the author name, like for Sledders and Kreature club, becaus my friends are writing those, too.) of all my books! :D Oh and all the series.

Wendy said...

Nice poem.

You didn't really "rhyme" clouds and sounds, but it was still nice ;).

Keet!! said...

I can pretend I rhymed them, right?? O.O