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Friday, January 14, 2011

The Books I'm writing!! *IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER!!*

Alphabetical order..... Haha yeah right! Anyway.  These are the series of books I'm writing! The descriptions are about the first books, though I am not adding the book titles.  The author name is going to be in () thingies, which I cannot think of the name for right now.  Keet is the name if it's only by me! If the title has * in front of it, it's based on a true story! If it has ** next to it, it's based on a dream I had.  And if it has *** next to it, it's just a cool idea for a story.  ;)

**The Powers(Keet):
Kylie's test is to kill a demon.  Kylie doesn't believe in demons.  Luckily, she's got help.  Her sister, and her new found friend, and protector, and her protector's siblings, are going to help her find her lost sisters, and her mother.  But first she's got to kill the "Out-law" demon.  Kylie, was an orphan most of her life, and until meeting her father, didn't believe in magic, vampires, zombies, demons, elves, ghosts, or "protectors".  And she hadn't even heard of Zompires! Then her Dad came along and changed her, and her sibling's lives forever.

**Kreature World(Maybelle Leah Kelly):
Best friends Kylie Black, Maria Luna, Bella Nell, and Mae Nell, discovered a new planet! They call it kreature world, as their club is The Kreature Club.  These four homeschooling kids, build a high-tech rocket, and fly to outer-space to land on their new planet.  What they don't expect is the people living on the planet! People originally from earth, who now live on this new planet with odd creatures called Kreatures.  The girls get their own kreatures, but since they did not swear to live on kreature world until they turned 15, and became adults on kreature world, their kreatures ended deformed and evil! The girls have to save kreature world from the Kreatures of evil!

***Sledders(Maybelle Leah Kelly):
Maya, a Siberian husky, is tranquilized, then wakes up in a wooden crate! There must be some mistake! But no, her former owners sold her to a man starting a sled dog team.  Maya falls in love with a cat named Blueberry, and adopts two wolf puppies! Then Juneau, and Star come along.  Maya falls for Juneau, and Blueberry falls for Star, immediately! As these dogs are joined by others, they face angry bears, huge wolf packs, and long, hard races!

*The Rodents(Keet):
Adele and Xavier are having their first litter of baby mice! When only one of the litter survives, they try to protect him with their lives! The colony of mice must leave their home when a cat finds where they live.  Zosimo Mortyss, "Survivor of Death" is allowed to walk, in between his parents, though his eyes are not open yet.  Then a cat finds the moving colony, and his parents run in different directions! Zosimo gets left behind.  Then a human girl finds him, and takes care of him.  After a few days without his mother, Zosimo dies, partially from dispare at not being able to find his mother, and partially because the human doesn't know enough about how to care for baby mice.  Then, Zosimo comes back to life, when Adele gives birth a second time.  A story of birth, life, learning, death, and re-birth.

***The Unnatural(Keet):
Kelsey Atiya, has been on her own in a Zombie Apocalypse for six months.  Then, a pair of twin boys find where she lives.  Kelsey "adopts" the boys, and trains them how to survive.  Later on, Jack, and Peter realize that Kelsey is their older sister, who had been kidnapped, only weeks before they were born.  The kidnappers were not able to have child, so they took Kelsey, and raised the girl as their own. 

A girl with an odd name gets a puppy for her 11th birthday.  "Water-lily" (I started these when I was young
-.-) names the puppy Chestnut, and they go on kinds of adventures!

***The Wolves(has an author name, which I do not remember!):
Leader, Forest, Star, and Sniffs are kicked out of their too large, and still growing pack.  They start their own pack.  Leader (he is given this name when they start their new pack), and Forest give birth to 3 children.  Bluestar, Bear, and Moose.  Star's children are all still born, except one.  Blackmoon.  Blackmoon, and Bluestar eventually take over the pack when their parents die, and give birth to their own children.  Moss, Rain, and Fern.  (Moss is my wolf charater, and Rain is Meep's)  The adult wolves bring the pups out for their first hunting lessons, while hunting the pack meets three loners, who become part of the pack.  Then the pack meets a rival pack, in battle. 

***The Treasure Hunters(Keet):About two kids, Marie, and John, who get taken by pirates while on a whale-watch with their family! The pirates take them to an island nobody has ever heard about.  The island has all kinds of weird creatures on it.  The kids meet the people who live on the island, and are told amazing stories.  The kids learn they have to find a treasure, otherwise the whole island might die! It's a race between the pirates, and the twins, the question is, Who will win?

***Midnight Shadows(Keet):
A bunch of horror short stories! Not very scary, in the style of "The Midnight Library" and "Tales from the Shadows".  (No, I did not use the two names and put them together, I swear!)

***Silly Stories(Keet):Traditional children's stories re-made! Little Red Riding Hood becomes The Little Red Sending Box in Silly stories!

**The Dog's Hero(Keet!):Dreamer is a dog who is owned by a fake cop.  Dreamer got his name because he always dreamed of having a nice home, and so, he was always a nice dog.  Dreamer was severely abused by his owner.  One day his owner was "investigating" a crime scene.  When he went to places of crimes he dresses like a police officer, then he snuck in, and stole the people's valuables.  One day a little girl caught the man in his act, and Dreamer was taken away.  But Dreamer was going to the pound, not the animal shelter, the pound.  The little girl couldn't bare to let Dreamer go, and there be a possiblity of him dying, so the girl requested that Dreamer live with her.  And Dreamer's dream finally came true!! :) (This is a DREAM I had, get it?  Dreamer, Dream, haha!)

That's it...... For now, dun dun dun!!!!!!!!!! :P

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