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Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Day in the Life of a Zarin *a Kreature World Tale*

I turned away from the crowd.  I knew what was to come.  Any children that did not have their ceremony before Sierra would become a Zarin.  I couldn't believe how badly Sierra screwed up! I wasn't mad at her though.  It wasn't her fault, she hadn't known better.  I ran all the way home.  I refused to meet any body's eyes on the way.  I was a Zarin.  It didn't matter that there would be another ceremony the very next day.  I was a Zarin, and I couldn't escape that fact.  Maybe, before my 15th birthday I could do something heroic, and become a Zer! I did wish I could be a Zerina, but it was impossible.  I started a "task" list.  I wrote it in a code Sierra, and I had made up, so only we could read it.  Knit.  I loved knitting.  I would knit things for other people, and leave them where the people could find them, but in a way that they would never suspect it was from me.  A Zarin has to do tasks in a special way.  Nobody can know that it was the Zarin that did the tasks.  I got to work.  I started knitting a hat for my baby brother, who would join the children of the town in a few weeks.  Babies do not get their Kreatures until they became children, the Kreature remain in their eggs until then.  I finished knitting the hat unusually quickly.  After about three hours I had three hats, and two pairs of slipper, a definite record.  Then I started cleaning the house.  My whole family was in bed, so it was the time I would do the most tasks.  During the day I would mostly study, and do homework.  At night I would knit, and do other tasks.  I cleaned my Baby brother's room first.  I couldn't help but wonder what Sierra was doing right then.  Was she cleaning?  Or was she asleep?  Her house was right next door to mine, so we had connected our rooms with a bucket on some string.  I wrote a quick note to her:  Sierra: Are you awake?  What did you put on your task list?  I'm sorry, I'm just curious! I almost LIKE being a Zarin! I bet your Zerina brothers don't have to do thing secretly! And I bet they don't get to sneak around your house at night! :) Your Friend! Kaylinn.  I folded the paper and put it in the bucket.  I put the lid on the bucket, and passed it to Sierra's house using a pulley.  Sierra came to the window, almost immediately! She smiled at me, and took the note out of the bucket.  She shook her head as she read it, then she quickly wrote a reply, and sent it over.  Her reply said: Kaylinn: Yeah, I'm awake! I put clean sibling's rooms, knit, make beds, sweep, and clean up after pets on mine! What about you?  By the way don't answer this note tonight! Answer it tomorrow morning, I have a lot of tasks to do! I kind of like being a Zarin too, though my family would probably kill me for saying it! No, brothers don't do secret tasks, or sneak around the house. :) You friend! Sierra.  I smiled at her note, then nodded, and we both went to do more tasks.  I finished cleaning my baby brother's room, then moved onto my younger sister's room.  Rania stirred in her sleep, I was afraid I had woken her! Then she rolled over, away from me, and went back to sleep.  I picked up one of her dolls.  I had given it to her, the day before my 12th birthday.  My reall birthday was weeks before the Zerina ceremony, but I had still started my transformation then.  I had given all my dolls, and toys away.  I had given Rania my favorite doll.  I gently lifted Rania's arm, and put the doll under it.  She smiled in her sleep.  I was afraid I had woken her.  I finished her room, and moved on.  Working quickly and quietly, I sneaked through the house, cleaning almost everything that needed it.  Then I went back to my room, sent Sierra a "good-night!" note, and went to bed.  I woke up with Rania standing over my bed.  "Somebody cleaned my whooole room for me last night, Kaylinn!" She said excitedly.  I was incredibly tired, I had stayed up most of the night.  "That's cool, Rania!" I replied.  She ran out of her room skipping............

TO BE CONTINUED...... Sorry I posted this sooooo late, it's been sitting open, ready to post for HOURS.  :)


Deus Ex Machina said...

Very cool, babe.

Wendy said...

You know, that's a really good story. Very engaging. Ever considered doing a blog serial novel?

Keet!! said...

That's kind of what I was planning on doing! I'm also making it into a Kreature World book, but not exactly part of the main series.