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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Interview wihth M.L. (Maria Luna)

1. Q: What are your favorite colors, and why?

2. Q. Why don't you like people talking to you?

3. Q. How did you escape the Darkest Lord when he took You, and Bella?
A. I punched him in the face and he threw me out of the van. *cough* sketchy WHITE van.....

4. Q. Did Bella protest when he threw you?
A. Duh

5. Q. So she wasn't under his control anymore?
A. Not at that moment, I think she recognized me..

6. Q. How quickly after you were thrown out of van did Kylie and the protectors find you?
A. About a half hour.

7. Q.(from Maria) Why do u take so long to think??
A. (from Keet) Hey! I'm asking the questions!!

8.Q. Not for looong!!!
A. So what, you're going to interview me next or something?

9. Q. Why do you ask too many questions?
A. Because this is an interview.

10. Q. Back to the interview, what was Zosimo's reaction to finding you, alive, and unhypnotized?
A. He was Happy!  He actually hugged me, I was kinda surprised that he was acting so emotional.

11. Q. Last question, do you have any clue what Isha did to Kylie?
A. o.O

And very few people will ever know the answer to the last question! Until they read my book that is..... >_>
SNEAK PEAK FROM "The Powers: Kylie's Test":

I looked straight into Isha's eyes. His eyes were orange. Blood-shot, and his eyes were orange! “Elaine, what's wrong with Isha?” The bond I had with Isha pulsed with rage, and darkness. “Ella?!” Nolan, and Zosimo ran up. “Not again!” Nolan said. “What do you mean 'again'?! What's wrong with Isha?!” I shouted at the two boys. “It's time, Kylie. Today is the day you die,” Isha said, his eyes as wide as possible. “What is he talking about?!” I screeched. “He's under the Darkest Lord's control!” Zosimo screamed at me. Mae ran up then, having heard our screaming at each other. Well mostly my screaming at everybody else. She had heard the last, and most important thing any of us had said though. “He's under the Darkest Lord's control” was the only thing Mae had heard. Her eyes went wide, “Who is?” She asked. I just pointed to Isha, still to surprised to even speak. Elaine was still whispering to her brother, asking him to come back. It seemed to be slowly working, I could feel the shadow disappearing through the bond. It was working too slowly! I got down on my hands and knees to help Elaine. Ella smiled at me encouragingly. “Isha, please come back! We need you. I need you! Isha!” The darkness was almost completely gone. His eyes were kind of yellow-green, and the orange still fading. He moaned again, and rolled away from us. Then, an ear-piercing shriek came from my protector.

That's all I'm telling! XP

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