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Friday, January 28, 2011

A Day in the Life of a Zarin. (Chapter 2)

I sat up slowly.  I was very tired.  I had stayed up quite late doing tasks.  "Kaylinn!" My Mom yelled from down stairs.  I walked groggily downstairs to see what the problem was.  "Kaylinn, someone stole five hundred Krays from us last night."  Krays are Kreature world's money. Five hundred Krays is a lot.  "Who on Kreature World would have done such a thing?!" I exclaimed.  "Do not talk to your mother like that! You awful Zarin!" My father was always awful to me, and suspected me whenever something went wrong.  Never did he guess that my younger adopted brother stole from them almost every night.  He had only ever stolen small amounts, until I became a Zarin.  "Weston, we're not accusing her, remember?"  My Mom said gently.  I knew she thought it was Verlin, too.  "Who else could it have been?"  My Dad snapped.  "What about... Verlin?"  "VERLIN IS A GOOD BOY AND NEVER WOULD'VE STOLEN THAT MANY KRAYS!" He screamed at my Mother.  My Mom nodded, fighting back the tears.  My Mom knew that I never had stolen any money.  She had caught Verlin in the act, but my Father never believed her.  Since my Father loved his two sons, much more than he loved his daughters, he always thought us girls did everything wrong, and his little boys could do no wrong.  "Verlin, and Tessen, would never steal money from us.  Rania, and Kaylinn are who I'm afraid of."  "Tessen is a baby! I would never suspect him!" "Verlin is a year younger than Kaylinn.  Why would he have stolen money?  Kaylinn is a Zarin."  My Father hissed the word Zarin, as if were the most horrible thing on Kreature World.  And in most minds, it was.  "I'm only a Zarin because Sierra messed up! It's not my fault!" I blurted out.  I knew I shouldn't have spoken.  My Father looked to me, "You think you would have been a Zerina then?  If not for your best friend?!  You completely blame the child you call your friend for your problems?!" I shook my head vigorously.  I didn't blame Sierra, not exactly.  Well, I blamed her, but I also blamed the town for not explaining it to her.  "Then why did you say it?"  I didn't say anything.  "Good! You're finally learning to hold your tongue."  He walked away.  I ran to Tessen's room, and picked up the baby.  "Tessen, I think I'm going to take you away.  I can't live here, I'm a Zarin, and our Father hates me.  I'm probably going to get Sierra to come with me."  Then I had an idea.  I brought Tessen with me into my room, and started playing with him.  I wrote a note to Sierra.  Sier, I can't stay here, my Father already hates me, and it's worse now that I'm a Zarin.  Please come with me.  Verlin stole FIVE HUNDRED Krays from them last night! My Dad, naturally, blames me.  I'm going to take Tessen with me, if Verlin cotinues to steal from them while we're away my Dad will catch him! Sier, please come with me.  Signed, Kayl.  Sier was Sierra's nickname, and Kayl was mine.  I wrote the note in our secret code so nobody else could read it, that way nobody else would know I was running away.  I started packing, in a way that wouldn't be noticed.  I took out all my clothes and decided what I absolutely needed.  I took everything black.  Three pairs of black jeans, the dress ones that I rarely wore.  Two pairs of very dark blue jeans, that were my favorites.  A dark red shirt.  A dark blue, and black striped shirt.  Two plain black shirts.  And one orange shirt.  I took ten pairs of socks, I had two pairs that matched each shirt.  Meaning, fours pairs of black socks, two pairs of orange, two of blue and black striped, and two dark red pairs.  I took lots of "under-garments".  I quietly walked downstairs, and into the kitchen.  Nobody was home.  Dad had left for work.  Mom was out shopping.  And Verlin, and Rania were in school.  Zerinas, and Zarins don't go to school, because they hae to stay home and take care of the house.  I grabbed bread, and things that didn't need to stay cool that we could make sandwiches out of.  Our future held lots of peanut butter sandwiches.  I went back upstairs, and found a note from Sierra.  Kayl, I, too, find it difficult being a Zarin.  I will run with you.  I know how bad your Father can get, I've seen him do bad stuff, you have no clue what he does sometimes, and let me tell you, you don't want to.  Your mother doesn't know either.  I'm all packed, I packed as soon as I got your note.  Tonight we run, see you then.  Signed, Sier.  I packed up Tessen's things, and wrote back to Sierra, telling her that tonight would be fine.  I had food, and clothes for myself, and for Tessen.  That night, Sierra and I passed notes, right before we both walked out of the door.  That night, was like nothing either of us had ever experienced. 


Deus Ex Machina said...

Great work! I keep wondering what a zarin is, but it is hard to read ahead with blog posts.

Keet!! said...

Kaylinn is a Zarin. :P