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Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Simple Day in Summer

This is a story I wrote for a writing contest.  The contest theme is "What I like about my Town", but any town is OK.  First prize is $100-$500!! Wish me luck!! :)

I stepped outside, just as a warm summer breeze picked up. The leaves on the trees in my suburban neighborhood were all a pleasant green color, not too light like in the spring, and not too dark like in the fall. The sun shining through the leaves made the whole road light up, in a green color, slightly lighter than the leaves themselves. I put my hair in a ponytail to keep it from blowing all over the place. Then I put on my helmet, and grabbed my bicycle. I was about to ride my bicycle down-town to the library, then afterward I was thinking about going to get some french fries, from my family's favorite pizza place. I'd have to ask my Mom about that one. My Mom, and sisters were riding with me. Our Dad was in work. It's a shame Dad had to work on such a nice day... I thought. We passed by many houses, and streets, but there was the same green light that I had seen on my own road in so many places. After a few streets, and some big buildings, with very few trees around them we were in an area where when you could see the houses, it was just barely, the rest was forests, and small marshes. We rode in a tight formation. Well, a line really. I was in front, my younger sister behind me, our youngest sister behind her, and our Mom in the very back. We rode like this until we got to a place at the rode where we'd have to cross. “Which way are we taking this time, Mom?” I asked. “Let's go through the golf coarse,” She replied. I turned right at the flashing light, rode for maybe three minutes, then crossed the road by turned left onto a small paved road. The road runs through a golf coarse. There are many trees, and lots of foliage on the side of this road. We rode on the twisting road, for a while. I got to the big hill first. I gathered up speed before riding up the hill, so I got to the top without getting of my bike. Everybody else had to get off their bikes. I got a drink from my water bottle while I was waiting for them to get up the hill. They all got a drink, and we started riding again. We rode down the other side of the hill, which isn't as steep. Then, the road started to curve again. Finally, after about fifteen minutes riding through the golf coarse, we took a sharp left turn, then after riding about 50 feet a sharp right. We rode along this road for about ten minutes. First we passed a big piece of the golf coarse. Then we got to an area that is only forest! Forest on both sides of the road, makes it a quite pleasant to ride through. Then we got to a place where we could get our bikes through some big rocks, placed so people couldn't drive over that area I'm guessing, and get into the high-school parking lot. We rode through the parking lot, but that didn't take long. We were in a part of town that is densely populated. We rode to a cross walk, and crossed at the only traffic light I can think of in town! Then we rode down the road across from the schools. We took a few side roads, until we got close to the beach. Then, we were finally at the library. We went inside, and returned the books we had. I got five new books out. That is the limit for children at my library. The library talked to us for a few minutes. Then I asked my Mom if we could go to the pizza place and get french fries, my Mom agreed. We ordered two large buckets of fries. I had to talk her into more than one bucket. Then we walked our bikes down towards the beach. In the center of down town there is a large elevated oval. Called by most people “The Square”. Don't ask me why an oval is called the square. But it is. We ate the french fries in the square, occasionally throwing one to the dozens of seagulls that circled above our heads. When we finished we started the ride home.

What I like most about my home town is how many plants and animals really live here! When you here the name of the town most of the time you'd think, “Wow! That's such a tourist town!” And it is, in the summer. But in the side of town I live on there are many forests, and my family, and I have even seen signs of Deer in the woods near by!


Deus Ex Machina said...

Wow! I hope you win ... don't you owe me $100-$500.

Brooke said...

Good luck! love the story!

Keet!! said...

Dad, if I give you any money that I earn in writing contests how am I going to New York?!?! And, thanks Brooke!