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Monday, January 3, 2011

The Rodents.......................

A new series I was inspired to write because of the song "ZZZZZ" by The Cab.  About.... suspense....... rodents! The first book is about mice.  One mouse in particular.  It's about Adele, and Xavier, who give birth to five children, all of which die, EXCEPT Zosimo.  I know you'll recognize that name from The Powers.  But Zosimo Cethin, and Nolan Mortyss got their names, well half of each of their names, from a baby mouse I found in my closet, I took care of the mouse for a few days, but he was too young and ended up dying.  :(  Though my sisters hated it, I called the baby Zosimo Mortyss.  A.K.A., Zo.  I had Zo when my favorite song was ZZZZZ.  I didn't know at the time that if you got your scent on a wild baby rodent that the mother would kill or abandon the baby.  I picked him up so I didn't hurt him.  Yes, I picked up the baby mouse with out even really thinking about it.  A wild mouse.  That I found in my closet.  I DIDN'T WANT THE CAT TO GET HIM WHILE I GOT MY MOM!!! GOSH!!! And I didn't want to attract dog or cat attention by calling her.  So I showed him to her.  You have to heat the babies before they'll eat, and Zo got too cold, and hungry....  AND we fed him COW'S milk, which hurts baby mice.  I apparently did everything wrong, but I learned from it.  And all this will be in my new book, only in a more child-friendly way in order to make it a good story, and we don't have people complaining to me for making their kid cry themselves to sleep every night because of what happened to little Zo! :D I plan for this to be my first finished book.  One part of ZZZZZ made me decide to write this new book:
 And you know, that I, am not gettin' by,
I've lost it! You're in my mind!
And every day's the darkest of my life!
I never said I was the best thing for you!
Baby, where'd you go?!
I need you here tonight....
Singin' myself to sleep!
You're still my favorite melody!
It's been three weeks,
how long can this go on?
Singin' myself to sleep!
And you're haunting every memory!

Well, that's the part that inspired my new book.  THANK YOU THE CAB FOR THE AMAZING IDEA! :) YOU'RE MY FAVORITE BAND, ONLY SLIGHTLY MORE BECAUSE OF THIS! Anyway, I highly doubt anybody from the band reads my blog, but if they do then they'll see that, and be happy. ;)  So, that's it! I just figured I put that on meh blog, that way I won't forget any of that information.  That's part of the reason I blog right there.  :P


Brooke said...

I like it!

Keet!! said...

Thanks! The second one is going to be about wild rabbits :)