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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"Random update" Wednesday post.

I have decided to try and post one blog post everyday of the week.  I have a theme for each day:
Tuesday: Haven't decided yet....
Wednesday: Random update, "Free-post" day.
Thursday: Pictures, Quotes, and stories from that week.
Friday: A Day in the Life of a Zarin.  (Thanks for the idea Mom ;)
Saturday: About my books.  (Cool facts about my books.  Which ever book I feel like posting about XD)
Sunday: Winners of What-picture, Music videos, and how to play (or lyrics) for a song.  (My choice XP)

You know what's coming next, right?!  Of course you do! I challenge everybody to come up with themes so you could (if you wanted to) have something to post about everyday!

1 comment:

Keet!! said...

Oh yeah, comment what your themes are, that way I'll know who to come after if they don't have themes ;P