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Monday, January 24, 2011


WHAT IS THIS A PICTURE OF?!?!  This is our third week! Thanks everybody for your great answers! Last week's winners are:
1. Meep, because she was the first one to post the right answer!
2. My Mommy, because she posted it second.
3. Brooke.  Fun answers again! And you got the correct answer third. ;)

In case I have any new commenters, (Not very likely) the prize for placing is a comment on your blog saying you won.  ;) Have fun with this one!


Deus Ex Machina said...

Oh, so you are just going to start posting picture of the things I guess the previous week, huh?! So, this is a picture of the moon through a window screen, huh?! So, I'll have to guess something else so you'll have something to post next week ... it is definitely a snowman in a blizzard.

Brooke said...

FIRE, flash light?

Keet!! said...

Winner TBA today!! Though I should have anounced the winner yesterday...