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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

This RanDom World...

My friends and I created a YouTube account to put up videos we make for fun.  It's called ThisRanDomWorld1.  I recently put up a video about Sharks that I made for a presentation, called "Nobody understands sharks".  If you decide to watch my videos remember one thing: They're not supposed to be GOOD videos, they're supposed to be funny, and/or entertaining.  They were made for fun, so that's what I want them to be.

I am also going to start a webcomic about sharks! Keep checking back for when I start putting it up! :)

These are the main Characters for my Webcomic "Maneaters".

This is Ebony, she's a blacktip reef shark.  She's new to Hawaii, where humans are illegal to hunt.  If you're a shark, and you hunt a human, whether you kill that human or not, you are banished, not allowed to return. 

Belia is an Albino Great White shark, the most popular shark in school! Belia is dating another Great White named Jason.  Orphaned, her parents were banished after accidentally attacking humans.

Horns is a Bully, Bull shark.  Constantly teases Ebony, for being the new shark, and Little blue, for his name, and fins.

Little Blue is a Thresher shark.  Blue has abnormally large fins, even for a Thresher.  Constantly being teased by Horns, Ebony becomes his best friend.

Nala is a tiger shark.  Nala is nice to everybody, but she has a short temper.  If you make Nala mad be careful, she's attacked a few sharks before.  Little Blue's tail used to be even longer! He learned not to make Nala mad the hard way...

Sally is a hammerhead.  Sally is the smartest shark in the entire school.  Mr. Lemon's favorite student.  Little Blue, and Ebony are her friends.  Her only friends.

Mr. Lemon is the Shark School teacher.  He's mean, short-tempered, not afraid to bite, and only likes one of his students - Sally.  The only other sharks who even try to get his affection are Ebony, and Little Blue.  The others don't care whether he likes them or not, but they try not to make him mad.  Well, too mad.

I don't have a picture of Jason yet, but here's his description:
Jason is a great white shark that plays lots of sports.  Jason isn't Mr. Lemon's favorite student, in fact, he's Mr. Lemon's least favorite student, next to the cheerleader, Kimberly.  Jason is the most popular boy shark in the school, which is why he's dating Belia.  Which makes them the most popular couple in school.

And of course, Kimberly:
Kimberly is a Megamouth shark, which is appropriate, because the only thing she really knows is Cheerleading.  Kimberly's Mom disappeared, nobody knows where, not even her Dad.  Kimberly has six younger siblings! And people say Megamouths are rare.  Kimberly's two younger sisters are also cheerleaders.

There are more characters but those are the main characters.  Such as all of the shark families! Except for Belia's family of course.  Kimberly's family will probably be the most fun to create.  But out of the main characters I think Jason, Nala, Blue, and Ebony will be the most fun to draw, and create their personality. 

So that's my Webcomic! :)