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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Horror!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O

Yes I have horrifying news! Christmas is in 13 days! Does anybody know what this means?! I have to knit fast!!! Faster then ever before! If you want to read really scary stuff though, you'd have to go read Creepy Corner.  :) Anyway, I have to make 31 presents by Christmas.  I mean, I suppose a few could be made a little later, but I'd like to get as many as possible done BEFORE Christmas.  I'll post about each present AFTER Christmas! Might not post again until then.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~KAT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :D

Monday, November 29, 2010

The Powers... *Meet the protectors!*

Hey! This is The Powers update! I'm going to tell you a bit about the Protectors.  Kylie's the main character in the first book, so let's start with her protector:

Name: Isha Yamanu (Ish-ah Yah-mon-oo)
Name Meaning: Protector of the Hidden
Power: Earth!
Three lines from book: 
Kylie?! The Graceful Shadow lives on!
Protector of: Kylie Black, "Graceful Shadow"
Age: 14

Next is his one of his triplets, the only one he ever mentions:

Name: Zosimo Cethin (Zo-sim-oh Seth-in)
Name Meaning: Survivor of the Dark
Power: Fire
Three lines from book:
 “Hmm? Oh! You must be Isha's charge! You look just like 'im!”
 “Ish, your girlfriend can hear us from here.” 
Protector of: Maria Luna, "Bitter Moon"
Age: 14

And their Sister:

Name: Elaine Nerezza
Name Meaning: Light in Darkness
Power: Water
Three lines from book: 
Protector of: Bella Nell, "Beautiful Light"
Age: 7

And the last protector in the first book:

Name: Nolan Mortyss
Name Meaning: Fighter of Death
Power: Wind
Three lines from book (maybe less, he's rather new to the book where I am ;): Protector of: Mae Nell, "Pearl Shine"
Age: 12

That's all the protectors!! Who's your favorite protector?  Maybe later I'll do a post about the girls ;)
I'm not gonna say anything, except, I think you can do it.”
Mortyss. I'm Nolan Mortyss.”
(Nolan doesn't say much, so here's something Kylie says to him:)
You don't deserve to be punched. You also don't get a hug.” (Nolan's Lines)

You'll make a great girlfriend for Isha!”
I tried to save her Isha! I tried! Your girlfriend is going to die, tonight!”
No! Kylie! No!” (Elaine's Line)

Kylie, please, for your sisters at least.” (Zo's line)

 “She's not my girlfriend! She's my charge, I protect her! I don't date her!”
 “Hey, Kyl! Don't go running off with my brother!” (Isha's lines)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

POST #50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Knit stuff

OK!! My friend and I started a new blog!! Well Meep started the blog and asked to add me as a Team member! the blog is: Knit an Adventure! If you knit check it out!! By the way......... in case you didn't get it, this is my 50th post on Nature's Place!! :D

Friday, October 29, 2010


I have almost posted 50 times on this blog!!!!! :D  Maybe I should've saved my last post for my 50th post...... :\ to late now! Oh well I'll think of something to make my 50th post about! Probably about Halloween, and the busy day before! Well I just wanted to find something to post about! :)  So that's it!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Amazing MUST READ post!! :D

OK, this post must be EPIC enough to have ALL of my labels!!! :O Think I can do it?!  making a list, one thing per label :3
  1. King is a happy fishie!! (IT COUNTS -.-)
  2. BANANA! (That should be enough XP)
  3. BOOKS?!?!?! I LIKE BOOKS!!!! We went into a book store the other day and we only got a birthday present NOTHING ELSE!!! :O
  4. I'm writing a comic!!!
  5. I pulled up my garden! Got a few POUNDS of beans O.O
  6. Knitting a scarf right now!
  7. The Kreature club are looking for songs AND actors (& actresses) for the Kreature world movie we're starting! Movie is probably coming before the book >_>
  8. News flash.................. GAK!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's all I've got >_<
  9. Pets............ See #1
  10. PICTURE POST?!?!?!?!?!?!?! THERE ARE NO PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X_X
  11. I'm doing a post, it's very hard.  Hard as making, a house with a card.  :D I DID IT!! Not really......
  12. School, I'm studying Vampires.  Wait, anybody who reads my blog already knew that...... Dang it!
  13. Sledders! I forgot all about sledders! Poor Maya :\
  14. The Powers is coming along really well!! I'm working on it right now!! :o
  15. Update.  THIS WHOLE POST IS AN UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. VaMpIrEs........... I FOUND A VAMPIRE PUZZLE AT THE BOOK STORE!!! I didn't get it though :(
  17. Videos................................................................................. BANAGAK!!!
  18. My comic is going to be a WEBCOMIC........
  19. ........ABOUT Zombies!!!! :3 (See above)
I DID IT! SO THERE!! No, I really didn't..................   -_-

Monday, October 25, 2010

How I won Ballet Wars............ well, ALMOST won >_>

Yes, I have played a game called Ballet Wars.  It's a......... Wait for it............... Wait for it................ BALLET GAME!!! :O Amazing isn't it?! Anyway....... I didn't actually win, BUT I won my team 3 WHOLE POINTS!!!!!!!!! Because I knew the word for "Fish" in french :o ISN'T THAT AWESOME?!?!?! I have to show my French teacher this post now :3 I actually knew more names than that, BUT my team wouldn't listen -.- Well, next time they'll know better, won't they?  I could've won us more points IF they had listened.  I won my team the game once..... Because I had learned a bunch of new ballet moves that summer, and I even knew the names :) (a different time)  Ok, I guess that's enough :p

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Just some pictures! I want to do a blog post a day, but if I can't find anything to say it will be a post just like this!

Attack of the INSANE Banana People.

A show that me and my friends are making.  It's about a bunch of people who escaped an Asylum. XD  These people can only say, Banana, and Bli-lip.  We are filming during our break in dance.  The script is easy....... "Banana"...... "Bli-lip!".  It's a lot of fun.  We haven't really started the story yet.... other than the words the insane people can say :P We're going to have A LOT of fun with this! We have already started some little videos that are just us being goofy.  That's it! Oh, Dad, Mom, don't say anything about the sentance two before this one...... o.O

Friday, October 22, 2010

Zombie Webcomics.

I am now reading THREE Zombie Web comics.  TZH anybody who reads my blog knows.  And now, I'm also reading "LAST BLOOD" That one has Vampires too :3  Aaaaaaaaaand "Zombie Ranch".  Both are cool, I defiantly recommend both! Well all three including The Zombie Hunters.  Here are the links:


Have fun!! :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

My new knitting idea.

I had a new idea for selling my knit stuff!! I'm making packages! Like,
Kids winter warmth package! That one includes:
a small Hat, (for about ages 3-8?) a scarf, a pair of mittens (MAYBE), a pair of slippers.
I will be selling that one for $10 when it's done! First package is in white :p

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Powers.

Doing a "The Powers" update right now! :p Just started
Chapter 3.
The  Eternal Kiss.
A.K.A, a pain in the neck.

The triplets are in for a big surprise this chapter! As they take on Vampires, and Zombies, the darkest lord makes plans on how to get their Dad back.  And how to keep them from saving the world. 
With hair the color,
of dark night skies.
Green leaves are the color,
of this person's eyes.
Skin the color,
of sandy beaches.
His touch is soft,
as the nicest peaches.


Comment if you think you know ;)  Actually you can even commet if you don't know! :p

Sunday, October 10, 2010


I Finally figured out how to use Double-Pointed knitting needles! My first project is a hat.  It's white, and I'm probably going to sell it.  Maria Luna (this person's name from "The Powers" and "Kreature world") and I are selling stuff together.  We've decided to put 50-100% of the profits to dance! I will post a picture when I finish the hat!! Oh and my new Poem:
On a cold winter night,
when the fire is bright,
a warm knit hat,
will feel just right!

Just a short poem about knit hats :p

Thursday, October 7, 2010

TZH (The Zombie Hunters)

Hey! I have a Comic recomendation for you! It's called The Zombie Hunters.  Or, TZH.  It's about......... Zombie hunters......... And...... Zombies....... And..... well, you get the point.   I think.  Anyway, it's coming out as a graphic novel soon and I really want it! They also have t-shirts with the "infected" Symbol on them (if you don't get that, read the comic...) that I want.  It's really cool, Updates every Monday and sometime Thursday! So that's just one of the two...... Zombie comics (any comics really) that I've read recently.  The other one is called "My Living Dead Girl" that one is also a book, but the comic on the internet is soooooooo dumb, that I really don't want that book...... Neither does Nightfall.  My friend Nightfall is also reading these comics with me, and agrees with me about both.  Well that's it! Just wanted to let you know about that AMAZING comic!! XP

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I have a recommendation for a book series that you might want to read! It called "The Missing".  It's about these important kids in history that get pulled into the 21st century by futuristic time travelers.  One of those kids, was Virginia Dare, the first English child born in America.  The first book (FOUND) the kids all find out they are missing children from the past.  In the second (SENT) Jonah, and his "sister" (Jonah is one of the adopted kids from the past) Kathrine, help Jonah's friend Chip, and Chip brother from the past Alex, get back to their home in 1400s England.  Then after their mission in England all the kids are allowed to go home, to the 21st century.  And in the third book (SABOTAGED) Jonah and Kathrine, have to help Andrea, or Virginia Dare, fix her time.  This series is fairly new, and SABOTAGED came out only a few days before I published this post, maybe a few weeks!! Very good series, exciting, plus you learn some history while reading!! I absolutely HATE history, but this series has gotten me interested in historical time periods other than slavery times.  <_<  And Egypt, and the Titanic >_>   Anywayz..... Good series, you should check it out!! That's it!! :D

History is cool,
History is great,
but you have to learn,
to appreciate!

My "Historical" poem :P

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Newsletter come back?!

It is possible we are starting the newsletter again.  The Wyvern Gazette, may be brought back.  The "For Sale" section will be updated! I have an idea for the "OTHER" section ;)  COMPLETELY new prices on the FOR SALE stuff.  Plus added Recommendations, for books, movies, and music.  Before we send off (or deliver) the newsletter, I will add more movies ;)
Knit Slippers $5.00 per pair.  (Allow two weeks for a pair of slippers)
   Knit Scarf $3.00 each.  (Allow a week for me to complete project)
Knit Pillow $10.00 each. (Allow three weeks, very difficult project, so more time/money)
Knit Towels/Dish-clothes $1.00 each.  (Allow three days each towel)
Dress $10.00 each.  (Time depends on what TYPE of dress, and what material)
Sewn Sweater $7.00 each.  (Goes with Dresses, but can be ordered separate)
Do you have a story that you would like published?
If so, send them in! Your story could be published in the next newsletter!
Need books to read, or movies to watch?  Want to know some great songs?
If so, you've found the right place!!
Zombieland (This 2009 movie, is amazingly funny, but also disgusting
and creepy as any other zombie movie!!!)
The Goosebumps Series (Not very scary, but pretty exciting!!)
The Vampire Dairies (You want excitement?  Read these!)
Maximum Ride (While you're on the subject of EXCITEMENT, try out these,
I mean kids with WINGS!!)
Warriors (Cats, meow, AWESOME BOOKS!!)
Be My Escape (By Relient K, Makes me think of my cat o.O)
Vanilla Twilight (By Owl City, My favorite song :)
Jump In (By Making April, veeeery good song!)
This Side (By Nickelcreek, will be my first dance solo!)
That's it, I just needed something to post about, sooooooooooooo......

Monday, September 20, 2010


Did you know that the first real vampire legends started in ancient Greece?? The first vampires were tormented spirits from the underworld, that drank the blood of children!
Bram Stoker's character, Dracula, is based on a Hungarian ruler, known as Vlad Tepes, or Vlad Dracula. The blood-thirsty leader was also called Vlad the Impaler, because he would drive sharpened wooden stakes into people, and leave them to die, slow and painful deaths.
In Egypt spirits were believed to sometimes be able to come back from the underworld as Vampires.
Come join my coven,
just for a night.
YOU have been chosen,
For this fright.
That's it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

VaMpIrE Books........................

I'm studying Vampires for school this year. I'm almost done my first project (a map of Europe), and I'm reading a book called "How to be a vampire". It's a cool book. I've also read some other series that are very good, and that I recommend. 1 being the most recent I read(all vampire series!!):
  1. The Vampire Dairies (close in plot to twilight)
  2. The Twilight Saga (close in plot to Vampire Dairies o.O)
  3. Cirque Du Freak (the Darren Shane books)
  4. The Mortal Instruments (not about vampires, but has vampires in it)

I will ask if I can plan a Vampire party for sometime later this year, before I finish my Vampire studies. *cough* Halloween *cough* :D

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Powers, book update!! Fall Poem!

When the summer goes,
And Leaves start to fall,
Bird fly south, except the crows,
Before comes the snowbanks, tall.
That's my fall poem :3 Like it? Anyways, I had to re-start writing The Powers because I ran out of free-trial in the program I had been using before, sooooo, I restarted. And here's part of the prologue!!! :)
Even now I shudder to think about the horrible sound I heard. "Kylie..." I heard someone whisper in my ear, "Kylie, do you really want to go home? Walking all that way could be dangerous for a 14-year-old girl. And you have a surprise waiting for you at your home, and I highly doubt you want to find your surprise alone, Kylie." You might think, Okay...... And that's scary because......?? It might not seem scary to you, but you didn't hear it. No more inturruping, this is the part of the story where there can be no more question....
That's the end of the prologue. I'm writing Chapter 2: Mind-control is helpful. Right now. That's an exciting chapter ;) Well that's it!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Friendship poems

As amazing as a sunrise, in the morning sky.
As amazing as the sunset, before the night we fly.
And as we fly as two good friends,
we hope our friendship never ends.
A circle is round, it never ends,
that's how long, I hop we're friends.
When we first met the hate was like fire.
The burning inside was enough to tire.
But now that I know you,
and we are good friends,
my need to help you,
never ends.
When we are together, all can see,
We're so close, sister we could be.
Your interests and mine can differ by far.
But good friends we can be, and we are!
When we first met I saw, what now all can see,
We'll be good friends forever, you and me.
That's all the friendship poems I have written so far ;) Me and my friend Meep wrote the top one :) Line in between poems. That's it!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Window Warrior's Poem.

Here is the promised poem about Pantherpelt.
The window warrior sits,
On the window sill,
Watching squirrels and mice have fits,
Being held against his will.
His tail moves back and forth,
While he watches the birds fly by,
The birds will fly away from north,
He'll open his mouth to sigh.
Like it? I've been writing a lot of poems lately. I'll try to post everyday. And with me being a poet it'll be a bit easier to find something to post about. Tomorrow i'll post a poem that I wrote for my friend. It's themed though. It's theme is Maximum Ride, a series of books we read. I made it for her for her birthday, shhhhh don't tell her :P

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I. Got. A. KITTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mr. Pumpkin. He was given to us,
because his former owner could not keep him any more.

My new kitty when he came home!! He was maaad, in this picture, well freaked out
a little bit......... Well more than a little......... His Warrior cat name is PantherPelt!!!!!!
I am painting a picture of him in a window, entitled: The Window Warrior. And I
am going to give it to the person who gave Pantherpelt to us, for christmas! The poor kitty is double-pawed. I'm writing a poem about him that I will post later. I also found a song that makes me think of him everytime I hear it :)
I've been housing all this doubt, and insecurity,
And I've been locked inside that house, while you hold the key,
I've been dying to get out! And it might be the death of me!
And even thought there no way of knowing,
where to go, I promise i'm going, 'cause,
Woah-o I gotta get outta here! I'm stuck inside this rut
I fell into by mistake, and Woah-o I gotta get outta here,
And I'm beggin' you, I'm beggin' you, I'm beggin' you,
to be my escape...........
The Lyrics of the song "Be my Escape" by Relient K that make me think of Pantherpelt.
Well, that's all I have to say for now!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The powers book update

I'M ALMOST DONE CHAPTER ONE!! I think I'm on my last page for chapter one. Mae Kelley, just appeared, shes a "Ghost" well not really, she's trapped, a prisoner for the evil guy...... She's there in spirit, basically shes not in her body, she in the house with, Bella Kelley, Maria Kelley, and Kylie Kelley. And their Dad is there, he's the grumpy ghost who gives Kylie powers in the Prologue. Well, I typed up three or four pages yesterday, and I'm about to type some more :p

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't been posting here on Nature's Place. I have a new blog, Disaster Spot! Check it out! I've been posting, almost........... every day!!!! Here's my new blog! I think it might be easier to use the link instead of going to my profile thingy, and finding my new blog, if you're already reading this one..... But I don't really know.... So....... Go! Read! Research! LEARN SOMETHING FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!!!!!!!! :P And.... Um..... Enjoy????????????

Monday, June 21, 2010


Hi, I haven't post in a while....... And im bored right now, so....... heres a link to a website I like called
ROBLOX. IT's a lot of fun!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Ok, so I have to tell you a few things:
  1. I followed my own blog!!! Haha!!!

I know which picture of King is going on my sidebar!!


3 votes for that picture, and 1 vote for:

Ha, I voted for that one!! XP oh well..............

Friday, June 4, 2010


Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I change my lay-out to blue, because there were 2 votes blue, 1 vote either, and 1 vote pink. But I did make the side-bar colors pink for that 1 vote!!!! I had to take down the poll, so I could put up a new one........ So...................

Thursday, June 3, 2010

KING ARE YOU OK?????????

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE A LIST OF THINGS TO TELL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. I had to do another post today!!
3. It's partly bad news, partly good news
4. I love my fishie........

Here's the story:

I got home tonight, and I had to check on King, almost as soon as we walked in the door. I couldn't find him, it's a small tank and I looked everywhere. I think I even looked at him once or twice....... I found him when he moved, trying to free himself from a rock, his tail was stuck. I ran to the sink, rinsed my hands, ran back(lots of running happened), Reached in the tank, and moved the rock. For the first time since ever, he swam to my hand, and gently nudged it. I had tried to touch him a few times before, but he always swam away, fast. Then, after I freed his tail, he swan to my hand, and touched it, like he was saying thank you. I LOVE MY FISHIE!!!!!!!! Sorry, that was one of the things I was supposed to tell you. This is my second post today, and the other one was also about King(if you remember those were the other thing I was supposed to tell you). I'm talking off the current poll soon, so if you want to participate please vote before the Sunday after I posted this. Thanks!!

The powers

My worst nightmare, or my best dream? I'm still trying to decide. It was fine until I had to light....... Never mind, let me start from the beginning.....

That's the start of my new series of books, The Powers. The characters have the same names as in kreature world. But, there is a new villain. Comment if you think there should be a poll to decide what his name is, and say what you think his name should be. Book 1 is called, Kylie's Test. Book 2 is going to be called, Bella's Change. And book 3 is going to be, Maria's Miracle. I Kylie's test, I have to figure out how to unlock our Super-human powers. In the book I do get slightly upset, when we can't use our powers..... But we figure out, we don't need just powers to fight this new villain, we need: Each other, normal human objects, and our intelligence. In my dream(did I mention this series was inspired by a dream? Two dreams in fact..) the villain was Saint Dane(see Bobby Pendragon by D.J. MacHale). In Bella's Change, Bella needs to figure out how to get to the Sky Village, because in order to save the world from the villain we need to save the Sky people. And in Maria's Miracle we: Unlock our powers completely, and defeat the villain, a new villain arises, but that is a whole new series. I don't know what the new series will be called, yet, But I will figure that out when I get to it. Please comment names for the villain. Thanks!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Here is the promised Blog post! King is my new Betta fish. I got him on may 29Th 2010!! Here is my favorite picture of him, the one I am going to post on my sidebar.

In the next pictures I circle King, because it was hard to see him.

Well, in the last one it OK. I might do a poll, and ask people which I should put up instead of just putting the first one........... He's a great fish so far...... and I still get excited when I feed him XD

I hope, everyone who reads this post will vote on the poll!!


Hey everyone!!

I know it's been a while scince my last post, I been busy doing stuff other then posting. If you voted on the last poll, But didn't see the results, I posted them on my sidebar. Well, here some stuff that in the time that I wasn't posting......

I got a Fish! He is a Crowntailed Betta, named King. I got him a few days before I decided to post!! He is light blue on top, fading into red, on bottom. I will put a picture in the sidebar of him, soon.

Patches had another litter, in this one was: Shadow(Black, Named by Rainpaw), Fiver(Black, Named after Fiver from "Watership Down"), Pipkin(Grey and White, Named after Pipkin also from "Watership down"), Patch(Grey and White, also named by Rainpaw), Peeper(Could be Patches' Identical Twin, named by Rockkit), and Trix(Black and white, also named by Rockkit). And Sadie is away with her Boyfriend right now, :)

I'm growing a Warrior cats garden this year, I just got some Marigold plants from a garden center! I also have: Borage, California Poppies, Chamomile, Scarlet Runner Beans(not a warriors herb), Nightfall planted Cat grass in my garden, outdoors, in full-sun.......... And, I can't remember what else is in there!

I got a Platinum, and high-gold at one Dance Comp. At that Competition, Plat. was the highest score, H-G was second.

And I'm using a Brand-new laptop right now! I had a birthday recently, and I have Amazing Parents!!!

This post has so many labels!! That's all for this post, you can expect another post in a day or to.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Birch and Cloverclan

My friend Rainheart, and I have made a new blogger account. The Account has two blogs on it, Birchclan, and Cloverclan. All about warriors!! We are looking for people to be thye cats in our clans, it's a role-playing blog, you will be a cat, and you can play that cat. Comment about what that cat does and stuff. here are links to them:

Birchclan and Cloverclan. If you want to join one, just comment about what cat you want to be. It would be nice if you found a cat you want to be of the ones we've made, but if you don't like any of them, that's fine!

Sorry, no updates on the books today. I'll have to write a chapter or two soon.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kreature World Awaits........

Hey Everybody! Kreature world awaits you.

The Maybelle group, has the Saturday routine, for "The Kreature Club"!! My Dad works at the "Old Hollco Game Warden Center". Which is right next to the Dance studio. On Saturday morning "the Kreature Club" walks(with my Dad as far as the Dance Studio) to Dance, then at lunch-time, we go over to the Pizzaria & Ice cream parlor, which is next to the dance studio. Then, after lunch, we go to the Library for the Afternoon. In the book, it is Saturday morning, that night we were going to sleep in the Abandoned Cabins!!! And test our High-Tech Rocket for the science fair!!!! Here is the line in the end of the last book in the first set, there are going to be four versions of the last book, mine is called "Kylie's Courage", The last thing it says in the book is,

"We all opened our eyes. 'Could Kreature world had all been a dream?' I thought. I looked at the others, I could tell, they were thinking the same thing. Then the gifts from the people of Kreature world, started to beep. I looked at the others, and knew, we were all thinking the same thing, Time for the next Adventure in Kreature World. I smiled, and said to the others, 'Kreature World Awaits us, once again..........'"


Nice, huh? CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!!!! I like writing Cliffhangers...... now I know why so many people use cliffhangers.....

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Hey Readers!! I thought you might like to know a bit about the other books I'm writing. I'll try to post everyday untill Rainpaw's B-day 2/13/2010. That's when my poll ends. Today is about sledders........ Enter the world of Sledders........

Sledders is a book about sled dogs. One of my dogs is named Maya, she is the first dog that John buys. John is buying huskey's and Malimutes to start a sled dog team. His dream is to be in the Iditarod. We have multiple sets of books, one is called the big race. Maya adopts two wolf pups. Snowball and Snowflake. Tangleface, Nightfall, and Foxtail, are also writing this
series as well as, Kreature World, we call ourselves: Maybelle Leah Kelly. Maya falls in love with one of the four cats in the first book, Blueberry. Maya lived with Blackberry, and Raspberry, before John bought her. Strawberry is the last cat. She cares for the pups until Maya gets there. Adventure around every turn in: The world of Sledders........

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Should I or not??

I May have found a way to post on my blog more often!!!

But, it would be almost intirely about my books, it would be book updates. That's why I put a new poll up. Do you think I should change my blog?? Please partisapate in the poll. It would be a big help!! For anyone who thinks it's a good Idea, this is a sample.

My Friend, Tangleface, and I, made our addresses in our series "Kreature World". I live at: 51, Caramoss Ave, old hollco, ME. Tangleface(In the book her name is Bella), lives at: 56 Caramoss Ave, with Foxtail(Mae in the book). And Nightfall(Maria), lives at #52. I made a map of all Kreature world, Tangleface made a map of Old Hollco. In the book the "Kreature Club" discovers a new planet, builds a high-tech rocket, and goes there. There are people on the planet, they have things called "Kreatures", the friends get Kreatures, and since that did not swear to stay on Kreature world until they are 18, their kreatures end up odd, and Deformed. Worst, their Kreatures end up Evil. They have to stop them. The kids have Super humen powers, that are unlocked when they go to Kreature world. That they use to defeat The Skull(my Kreature), Toxic(maria's Kreature), Flamester(Bella's Kreature), and Wet-demon(Mae's kreature). The Kreature steal and hatch other Kreature eggs.

Well, that was my Sample!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please take part in my poll, thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D