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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Window Warrior's Poem.

Here is the promised poem about Pantherpelt.
The window warrior sits,
On the window sill,
Watching squirrels and mice have fits,
Being held against his will.
His tail moves back and forth,
While he watches the birds fly by,
The birds will fly away from north,
He'll open his mouth to sigh.
Like it? I've been writing a lot of poems lately. I'll try to post everyday. And with me being a poet it'll be a bit easier to find something to post about. Tomorrow i'll post a poem that I wrote for my friend. It's themed though. It's theme is Maximum Ride, a series of books we read. I made it for her for her birthday, shhhhh don't tell her :P


Wendy said...

Nice poem and pretty well describes Mr. Pumpkin - who is a bit miffed at being stuck inside the house. Silly kitty ;).

KAT said...

I think I want to add onto it. I know what I'm giving my grandparents for christmas, maybe. I'll need help with it......