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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Newsletter come back?!

It is possible we are starting the newsletter again.  The Wyvern Gazette, may be brought back.  The "For Sale" section will be updated! I have an idea for the "OTHER" section ;)  COMPLETELY new prices on the FOR SALE stuff.  Plus added Recommendations, for books, movies, and music.  Before we send off (or deliver) the newsletter, I will add more movies ;)
Knit Slippers $5.00 per pair.  (Allow two weeks for a pair of slippers)
   Knit Scarf $3.00 each.  (Allow a week for me to complete project)
Knit Pillow $10.00 each. (Allow three weeks, very difficult project, so more time/money)
Knit Towels/Dish-clothes $1.00 each.  (Allow three days each towel)
Dress $10.00 each.  (Time depends on what TYPE of dress, and what material)
Sewn Sweater $7.00 each.  (Goes with Dresses, but can be ordered separate)
Do you have a story that you would like published?
If so, send them in! Your story could be published in the next newsletter!
Need books to read, or movies to watch?  Want to know some great songs?
If so, you've found the right place!!
Zombieland (This 2009 movie, is amazingly funny, but also disgusting
and creepy as any other zombie movie!!!)
The Goosebumps Series (Not very scary, but pretty exciting!!)
The Vampire Dairies (You want excitement?  Read these!)
Maximum Ride (While you're on the subject of EXCITEMENT, try out these,
I mean kids with WINGS!!)
Warriors (Cats, meow, AWESOME BOOKS!!)
Be My Escape (By Relient K, Makes me think of my cat o.O)
Vanilla Twilight (By Owl City, My favorite song :)
Jump In (By Making April, veeeery good song!)
This Side (By Nickelcreek, will be my first dance solo!)
That's it, I just needed something to post about, sooooooooooooo......


Wendy said...

So ... you're excited about reviving the newsletter?

KAT said...

yeeeeeeeeeeeees I'm gonna make Meep and Bee each write an article :D