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Friday, September 10, 2010

Friendship poems

As amazing as a sunrise, in the morning sky.
As amazing as the sunset, before the night we fly.
And as we fly as two good friends,
we hope our friendship never ends.
A circle is round, it never ends,
that's how long, I hop we're friends.
When we first met the hate was like fire.
The burning inside was enough to tire.
But now that I know you,
and we are good friends,
my need to help you,
never ends.
When we are together, all can see,
We're so close, sister we could be.
Your interests and mine can differ by far.
But good friends we can be, and we are!
When we first met I saw, what now all can see,
We'll be good friends forever, you and me.
That's all the friendship poems I have written so far ;) Me and my friend Meep wrote the top one :) Line in between poems. That's it!!


Wendy said...

What I was saying was ... that's beautiful ... and I like it better with the lines, because I can seen where it's three poems and not one long one ;).

KAT said...

Yeah, I put a bunch of spaces in between the poems but they still closed up -.- So I put the lines, and that worked A LOT better! :D