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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I have a recommendation for a book series that you might want to read! It called "The Missing".  It's about these important kids in history that get pulled into the 21st century by futuristic time travelers.  One of those kids, was Virginia Dare, the first English child born in America.  The first book (FOUND) the kids all find out they are missing children from the past.  In the second (SENT) Jonah, and his "sister" (Jonah is one of the adopted kids from the past) Kathrine, help Jonah's friend Chip, and Chip brother from the past Alex, get back to their home in 1400s England.  Then after their mission in England all the kids are allowed to go home, to the 21st century.  And in the third book (SABOTAGED) Jonah and Kathrine, have to help Andrea, or Virginia Dare, fix her time.  This series is fairly new, and SABOTAGED came out only a few days before I published this post, maybe a few weeks!! Very good series, exciting, plus you learn some history while reading!! I absolutely HATE history, but this series has gotten me interested in historical time periods other than slavery times.  <_<  And Egypt, and the Titanic >_>   Anywayz..... Good series, you should check it out!! That's it!! :D

History is cool,
History is great,
but you have to learn,
to appreciate!

My "Historical" poem :P


Wendy said...

History is very cool! I'm really happy to hear (er ... read??) you say that ;).

KAT said...

So when are you going to read my report again??? :P