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Thursday, October 7, 2010

TZH (The Zombie Hunters)

Hey! I have a Comic recomendation for you! It's called The Zombie Hunters.  Or, TZH.  It's about......... Zombie hunters......... And...... Zombies....... And..... well, you get the point.   I think.  Anyway, it's coming out as a graphic novel soon and I really want it! They also have t-shirts with the "infected" Symbol on them (if you don't get that, read the comic...) that I want.  It's really cool, Updates every Monday and sometime Thursday! So that's just one of the two...... Zombie comics (any comics really) that I've read recently.  The other one is called "My Living Dead Girl" that one is also a book, but the comic on the internet is soooooooo dumb, that I really don't want that book...... Neither does Nightfall.  My friend Nightfall is also reading these comics with me, and agrees with me about both.  Well that's it! Just wanted to let you know about that AMAZING comic!! XP

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