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Sunday, October 10, 2010


I Finally figured out how to use Double-Pointed knitting needles! My first project is a hat.  It's white, and I'm probably going to sell it.  Maria Luna (this person's name from "The Powers" and "Kreature world") and I are selling stuff together.  We've decided to put 50-100% of the profits to dance! I will post a picture when I finish the hat!! Oh and my new Poem:
On a cold winter night,
when the fire is bright,
a warm knit hat,
will feel just right!

Just a short poem about knit hats :p


KAT said...

Hat=FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!! :D I didn't stop knitting it (unless I REALLY had to....) until it was done!! And now it is!

Wendy said...

We need to get a picture of it so that you can post it on your blog ... because it's a fine looking hat.

Mine needs to be a bit longer, and probably wider, as my head is a bit bigger than yours, and I have just the perfect yarn :) ... oh, yeah *hint*hint* ;).

KAT said...

Sooooooo what yarn is that?? :P
I think the same size will work!