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Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Hey everyone!!

I know it's been a while scince my last post, I been busy doing stuff other then posting. If you voted on the last poll, But didn't see the results, I posted them on my sidebar. Well, here some stuff that in the time that I wasn't posting......

I got a Fish! He is a Crowntailed Betta, named King. I got him a few days before I decided to post!! He is light blue on top, fading into red, on bottom. I will put a picture in the sidebar of him, soon.

Patches had another litter, in this one was: Shadow(Black, Named by Rainpaw), Fiver(Black, Named after Fiver from "Watership Down"), Pipkin(Grey and White, Named after Pipkin also from "Watership down"), Patch(Grey and White, also named by Rainpaw), Peeper(Could be Patches' Identical Twin, named by Rockkit), and Trix(Black and white, also named by Rockkit). And Sadie is away with her Boyfriend right now, :)

I'm growing a Warrior cats garden this year, I just got some Marigold plants from a garden center! I also have: Borage, California Poppies, Chamomile, Scarlet Runner Beans(not a warriors herb), Nightfall planted Cat grass in my garden, outdoors, in full-sun.......... And, I can't remember what else is in there!

I got a Platinum, and high-gold at one Dance Comp. At that Competition, Plat. was the highest score, H-G was second.

And I'm using a Brand-new laptop right now! I had a birthday recently, and I have Amazing Parents!!!

This post has so many labels!! That's all for this post, you can expect another post in a day or to.


Wendy said...

Your parents are pretty splendid ... especially that dad of yours ;).

Warrior Cat Lover said...

XD Yeah, except when he pours soda on me....

Wendy said...

I don't think "pour" is exactly the right word. Perhaps, "spill" is better ;).

So? Doesn't that make you happy that I made us give up drinking soda?

Warrior Cat Lover said...

Sometimes I guess....... My legs were wet for at least an hour after, because I didn't feel like changing....