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Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Powers pics :)

I'm drawing some pictures right now for The Powers.  So far I've drawn the triplets.  The pictures look amazing!! Probably the best pictures I've ever drawn! Though Kylie looks goth.... I have a part of the story:
"Why do you insist on wearing black and red clothes all the time?!"  Isha asked, annoyed by my clothing choice.  "They're my favorite colors! Before Bella, Maria, and I had names we had nicknames! Blackie was mine because I have black hair, and always wore, and still wear, black! Black stuck with me, though Bella dropped 'Choco', and Maria dropped 'Flame'," I replied.  "Your nicknames, before you choose real names, were Choco, Flame, and Blackie?" "Yup!" "I always knew you three were insane...." "Hey!"

:) Kylie and Isha fight a lot I noticed.  Isha is convinced that Kylie should wear the colors of her powers, but she likes black and red over dark blue, and teal.  :D

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Keet!! said...

Actually after Isha insults Kylie and her sisters I might make her say, "I'm going to pretend that was a compliment, and not say anything about it." Then Isha might say something along the lines of, "So you're going to be quiet? I can't wait." Then Kylie: "Don't make me hurt you." Or something like that :D