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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fill in the blanks

Okay, so I have a short story below, but it's full of blanks! Fill in the blanks to make this story your way! :)

Once upon a time, a ______ named ________ lived with _______ in a magical ________! ________ went out one day and met a _________.  The _______ said that ______ could have _________________ if ________.  Should ________ except the _______'s offer?  Or should ______ just leave? 
TO BE _________.

It's a very short story.  Here's my version with the blanks filled in:

Once upon a time, a young girl named Stevia lived with her mother, and seven siblings in a magical cave! Stevia went out one day and met a Vampire.  The Vampire said that she could have three wishes if she would become a vampire! Should she except the Vampire's offer?  Or should she just leave?  TO BE FINISHED LATER.

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