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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Queen Thayet and the new comers

There was once a fish named Queen Thayet Bubbles the 1st.  She lived in a big tank all by herself.  Good lighting, plenty of food, the water was almost warm enough, Thayet's life was great!
   Then one night a few hours before bed Thayet's human friend walked towards the tank, Thayet was very happy to see her human friend. 
   Her human friend took the tank lid off, which was unusual, but Thayet hope it just meant she was going to be fed.  Then the human stuck something onto the back of the tank.  That's very odd... Thayet thought, but it wouldn't bother her.  Then the human stuck something on the front of the tank.  That wouldn't bother her either, Thayet decided. 
  The human put some plants in the tank.  Thayet even liked this addition! Then the human added something that definitely bothered her.  New fish.
   "This is my territory!" Thayet yelled at the first one.  The one that looked similar to herself.  She charged the new fish, nipping it's fins, and scales.  Then she realized something.  This fish is sick! She backed away.
   There were two new comers, she attacked the second one, the white one.  The white fish darted away, wailing about being sorry, about not choosing another fish's territory to live in, that she was brought to the tank by a human.  Thayet paused when she heard that last bit.
   "There are your new friends Thayet!" Thayet's human friend said.  Thayet was sad, because her human thought that more fish would be a good idea, angry, because her human had been stupid enough to actually buy more fish, and touched, because her human had thought she was lonely.  Thayet knew that the dark fish was sick though, whether or not her human realized it.
   Thayet decided to learn these fishes' names.  She cornered the white one, and forced her to say her name.  "Princess Zoey Astelle Whitebird is the name I was given by the humans!" Humans?  More than one?  Thayet thought, maybe a different human had forced her human into getting more fish! Though she did enjoy that the humans had made her a queen, and the white one a simple princess.  Was the dark one a princess, too? 
   The dark one darted up, and nipped Thayet's tail fin while Thayet was thinking.  "My name is Princess Aphrodite Aqua Whitlock! Soon, though, I am going to become Queen Aphrodite Aqua Whitlock!" She started acting like she was going to attack Thayet again.  Thayet flared out her gills, making her even bigger than she really was.  Aphrodite backed away slowly. 
   So, Aphrodite was the sick one.  Zoey was the scared one.  That left Thayet as top fish, still Queen of the tank.
   A few days passed, and Aphrodite's fins continued to get worse.  Then Thayet's fins started to rot away.  Thayet was furious, she started attacking Aphrodite, mad at the new fish for getting her sick.  In another day or two all three of them had fin rot. 
   The human took all the fish out, and cleaned it, removing most of the infected water.  The fish were still sick.
   One day the human was gone for a while, then she came back and poured some odd-smelling stuff into the water.  It made their aching, rotting fins feel a lot better.  The human added that everyday for three days.  Then she didn't add anymore until she took out a small amount of water five days later.
   Then about three days after that Thayet was having a hard time seeing out of one eye.  Both Zoey, and Aphrodite started to attack her.  By the next day she was completely blind in that eye, and the other two had biten away until they were half gone.  The fin rot was still there, just barely.  She was also losing scales, so she looked like she had white spots on her body. 
   The human was very scared.  She some of the water, and added several medicines, but Thayet got worse.  She didn't eat the morning that the human changed the water. 
   The human decided that even though you're not supposed to only have two female betta fish in one tank Thayet needed to be taken out, to protect her from the princesses.  Thayet went into her own small tank, where she sank down to the bottom near the plant.
   The next day she didn't even move when the human fed her.  Then later, when the human checked on her after having been gone most of the day she found Thayet in the same postition as when she had left that morning, only Thayet had white fuzz around her mouth. 
   The human then started to believe that Thayet had died.  The next day, when Thayet had not moved from that postition, and the fuzz was growing the human knew that she was dead.

Queen Thayet Bubbles the First died of disease, and suffocation when Princess Aphrodite Aqua Whitlock brought in fin rot (and who knows what else).  She suffocated when she was so sick that she could not swim up for air as Betta fish require to live.  She died almost exactly six months after she was gifted to me.  She was my first female Betta, and my second Betta total. 

My first, King Jonathan the First, was supposed to be her mate, but was too old to breed by the time I got Thayet. 

King is now two years old, and will live up to three more years if I keep him healthy.  Thayet could have lived four.  Zoey, and Aphrodite will live five more, if I make sure that I get rid of all traces of whatever killed Thayet. 

I believe that Zoey was healthy when I got her, but she is white, so Ick, and a few other diseases that show up as white specks, and blotches would be invisible on her.  I know for sure that Aphrodite had fin rot, but I read that you need at least three female Betta fish to be certain that they can have a hierarchy system, and two will simply kill each other, therefore I believed that I couldn't leave Thayet, and Zoey alone in the tank.

I called Zoey my little angel for a while, because she is white, and she is the only one who wasn't fighting.  For a few days I had a fin-nipper, but I wasn't sure who it was.  One day, during feeding time, I was talking to them, and Zoey swam out.  "Hello my Angel!" I said when I saw her.  She lost this nickname when I noticed a bit of Aphrodite's fin in her mouth.  I was horrified when Zoey threw up bits of fin, and began to eat them again.

Thayet was the most friendly fish I ever met, and I will miss her a lot.  If I ever find another fish the same colors, and as friendly as her I will buy it in Thayet's memory.  It's name will be Queen Thayet Bubbles the second, but she will never be able to replace QTBT1st. 



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So sorry to hear about your fish! Good story though, well written:)