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Monday, August 1, 2011


This school year I am going to be studying sharks!

Well, I'm doing other things as well, but I'm going to try and make all of my subjects revolve around sharks :)

Such as:
Stories, and papers for english about sharks.
Shark Biology.
I'm gonna try and figure out how I can make my math problems into sharks problems.

At the beginning of the school year I'm going to do a presentation on sharks, what I know, and what I want to know.  My goal with this presentation is to show people that sharks shouldn't be feared.  They should be respected.  There is a difference.

I will have a list of goals for the school year including:
Learn about fresh and salt water aquarium sharks. (Like small sharks that people have in normal fish tanks!)
Visit an aquarium that has sharks in it.   (Big sharks :)
Go on a whale watch. (there is a chance of seeing a shark, plus I'd love to be more comfortable on boats..)
And more!

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