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Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas, 4 me.

The things I want for Christmas, are Plenty. The thing I'm Asking for Christmas is another Matter. I'm asking, for:

  1. Animal Treats
  2. Blankets and towels
  3. animal toys
  4. Money(for the animals!)

I want to take stuff to the animal Shelter, I'm going to give animals in the shelter a 'Very Merry Christmas'.

Things I want are:

1. L.L. bean Trailblazer Headlamp

2. L.L. bean Gummy tackle box

3. Cat, and underwater Webkinz

4. Nickles!!!!

This dog Got lost, and came to my house, His name is Chub. His friend Rudolph was lost, too.These are my bunnies, Patches(the black & white), and Sadie(Grey). I want to give them Gifts for Christmas, too.These are my Dog, Cody(beagle), and Yoohoo(chow-chow). They have there own stockings!And this is just a cute picture of a Kitten, I will be helping cats like it when I go to the animal Shelter on the day after Christmas.

I hope you like my chose, to help animals, Instead of helping myself get a messy room, and more toys.


warrior cat lover said...

Wow, this post has been up for over a year, and this is the first Comment. That's why I commented.....

Warrior Cat Lover said...

Still, almost two years now, and...... This is the second comment.......... It might have been two years by now......