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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kreature World Awaits........

Hey Everybody! Kreature world awaits you.

The Maybelle group, has the Saturday routine, for "The Kreature Club"!! My Dad works at the "Old Hollco Game Warden Center". Which is right next to the Dance studio. On Saturday morning "the Kreature Club" walks(with my Dad as far as the Dance Studio) to Dance, then at lunch-time, we go over to the Pizzaria & Ice cream parlor, which is next to the dance studio. Then, after lunch, we go to the Library for the Afternoon. In the book, it is Saturday morning, that night we were going to sleep in the Abandoned Cabins!!! And test our High-Tech Rocket for the science fair!!!! Here is the line in the end of the last book in the first set, there are going to be four versions of the last book, mine is called "Kylie's Courage", The last thing it says in the book is,

"We all opened our eyes. 'Could Kreature world had all been a dream?' I thought. I looked at the others, I could tell, they were thinking the same thing. Then the gifts from the people of Kreature world, started to beep. I looked at the others, and knew, we were all thinking the same thing, Time for the next Adventure in Kreature World. I smiled, and said to the others, 'Kreature World Awaits us, once again..........'"


Nice, huh? CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!!!! I like writing Cliffhangers...... now I know why so many people use cliffhangers.....

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Hey Readers!! I thought you might like to know a bit about the other books I'm writing. I'll try to post everyday untill Rainpaw's B-day 2/13/2010. That's when my poll ends. Today is about sledders........ Enter the world of Sledders........

Sledders is a book about sled dogs. One of my dogs is named Maya, she is the first dog that John buys. John is buying huskey's and Malimutes to start a sled dog team. His dream is to be in the Iditarod. We have multiple sets of books, one is called the big race. Maya adopts two wolf pups. Snowball and Snowflake. Tangleface, Nightfall, and Foxtail, are also writing this
series as well as, Kreature World, we call ourselves: Maybelle Leah Kelly. Maya falls in love with one of the four cats in the first book, Blueberry. Maya lived with Blackberry, and Raspberry, before John bought her. Strawberry is the last cat. She cares for the pups until Maya gets there. Adventure around every turn in: The world of Sledders........

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Should I or not??

I May have found a way to post on my blog more often!!!

But, it would be almost intirely about my books, it would be book updates. That's why I put a new poll up. Do you think I should change my blog?? Please partisapate in the poll. It would be a big help!! For anyone who thinks it's a good Idea, this is a sample.

My Friend, Tangleface, and I, made our addresses in our series "Kreature World". I live at: 51, Caramoss Ave, old hollco, ME. Tangleface(In the book her name is Bella), lives at: 56 Caramoss Ave, with Foxtail(Mae in the book). And Nightfall(Maria), lives at #52. I made a map of all Kreature world, Tangleface made a map of Old Hollco. In the book the "Kreature Club" discovers a new planet, builds a high-tech rocket, and goes there. There are people on the planet, they have things called "Kreatures", the friends get Kreatures, and since that did not swear to stay on Kreature world until they are 18, their kreatures end up odd, and Deformed. Worst, their Kreatures end up Evil. They have to stop them. The kids have Super humen powers, that are unlocked when they go to Kreature world. That they use to defeat The Skull(my Kreature), Toxic(maria's Kreature), Flamester(Bella's Kreature), and Wet-demon(Mae's kreature). The Kreature steal and hatch other Kreature eggs.

Well, that was my Sample!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please take part in my poll, thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D