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Friday, April 22, 2011

When Zombies Come

When Zombies Come, is a book I am writing about Zombies.  Kelsey, is 15, and living on her own.  Jack, and Peter are twin boys, they're 6, and they find Kelsey.  Kelsey adopts them.  They later find out things about themselves, their familys, friends, and more about the world they live in.  They meet other groups of survivors, and many groups of zombies!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Powers *Interview with Kylie Black*

Q.  How did you feel when you discovered your powers?
A. Me?  I went into instant shock.  Isha told me by saying I was't human! Then told me how I wasn't human later.

Q. When did you meet Isha?
A. Well first in a dream, or a memory apparently.  Then in a mall, and later that day at my house!

Q. Why did you let Isha talk you into asking Myra to buy a house for you and your siblings?!
A. I wanted answers, no.  I needed answers! And my sisters and I had been trying to get away from Myra for a long time, Isha just gave me the key to getting us out of that house!

Q. What is your favorite part about having powers?
A. I don't know.  Probably the feeling of control, like I can control things, and I can control what happens to me.  I hate when I'm not in control of my life. 

Q. What's a song that means the most to you, about your powers and stuff.
A. There are a few songs that mean a lot to me with my powers. 
I'll Run, by The Cab always makes me think of the time that I tried to run away from everything, and Isha came with me. 
Cave In, by Owl City reminds me of when I first got my powers, or found out about them. 
I Gotchoo, by Bowling For Soup (bfs) makes me remember the time when we were in a town, and couldn't buy anything - not even food - but we had each othe, so we didn't care!
On Top of The World, by Boys Like Girls (blg) makes me think of when Isha brought us into the clouds to keep us all safe!
This City is Contagious, by The Cab makes me think of when I thought up the hidden-worlder city! Which we hide so no humans can see it, only hidden-worlders can! And, unfortunately, demons, vampires, zombies, ghosts, etc.

Q. What is the most important thing who hope to use your powers for?
A. Easy, I want to destroy the darkest lord.  Even though he will never be gone forever.  The world needs a balance of good and evil to work properly, the hidden-worlders have to keep the good part.  The darkest lord doesn't get this, he wants the world to be run his way.  If everybody in the world could help us hidden-worlders somehow we'd fix things to the way they were before the world needed hidden-worlders! But the humans cannot break the control of the demons completely, or, if they do, they can't break it completely for very long.

Thank you Kylie :P