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Monday, July 18, 2011


I got a Female Betta fish on the 13th!! Her name is Queen Thayet Bubbles the First.  She is a "chocolate" female betta.  ("Chocolate" refers to her color.  King is a Cambodian male Crown-tail betta.) 

This is a picture of Thayet the day I got her! As a few of you may know I got King as a birthday present.  Thayet was also a birthday present! Only I got King in 2010, and Thayet in 2011.

Well that's my fishy!

Monday, July 11, 2011

New York City! Part 1 ;)

Over a week ago I returned home from New York.

I was there for a national dance competition! I got all gold awards, except for one dance.  Tango got silver, which is weird because the judges seem to like that one best!

We arrived in New York two weeks ago, from today.  We rode a bus all the way there! It was a long bus ride, but my three best friends were on the buses, so I was fine.  (On the first bus Bee, and I found infomation on our favorite artist, but that's another story :)

I'm going to type this as a "diary"...

Day 1:
We arrived in New York, the streets are so crowded! People, street venders, cabs! Everywhere! Tonight we went to "The Jekyll & Hyde club" for dinner.  A horror themed resturant.  My kind of place :)  It was fun, plus we had to sing-a-long with a Vampire! :P I rode in a Taxi for the first time in my life! It was quite interesting :)

Day 2:
Ugh, I got up early, now I'm going to bed late.  The going to bed late thing is normal, but I can't handle being up at 7AM! Too bad.  This morning we had classes at a dance studio in New York.  From 10AM, until around 3PM, I think... I don't know, they were long.  I didn't really like those classes very much.  Afterwards we went to Times Square, to the giant Toys R Us, which is funny, because the competition team had mostly teens in New York.  There's a ferris wheel inside the Toys R Us, a 70 ft. tall one I was told.  After Toys R Us a small group went to M&M World, and the Hershey Factory.  I don't like M&M's but even I had to admit that the Hershey factory was nothing compared to M&M world!

Day 3:
AHHH!!! This morning we got up, got breakfast, and went to A FERRY (We took a subway there, and I love trains!).  A.K.A. BOAT! I hate boats! And the ride to Staten Island was awful! I wanted to stay with the team, so I sat down outside, with everybody hanging over the edge, then most people went inside, but I couldn't move to follow! I litterally COULD NOT MOVE! We got to Staten island, and got on the next ferry (I was inside on that one, so it wasn't as bad), and went back to the city.  We walked to Ground Zero, it was pretty cool.  Then we had more dance classes.  My Mom, Sister, Ris, her Grandma, and I took the subway to the dance studio, we were the second ones there! Some other people had decided not to go with us because they were afraid of being late.  Later we went to see the broadway show "Anything Goes".  It was amazing, AND we got autographs from some of the cast members.  :) 

Days 4, 5, and 6 will come later! In my 100th POST!