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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Random Building

I got bored today. So, I started to build.

Well... I did not make the penny shapes today, that was a while ago.
This is a "Buddy House" Or a huge dog house, made for more then one dog.
Here are two houses.
Below, is a house, With no roof.
Here is a maze, Can you do it?

Here is some dominoes

Here is a video about dominoes. Bye!


Wendy said...

I like your houses ;) ... and your penny shapes.

Very cool video :), but you need to warn me when you're going to take video so that you don't get me singing or doing something silly in the background.

Love, Mom

Mary said...

i like your movie it made me laugh!

From, RH

Mary said...

AND only 6 landed on the floor one was already on the floor!
PS: I thought it was funny when your mom was singing in the backround! Twinkle Twinkle little star! lol!

warrior cat lover said...

Thanks you. oh Ok sorry:D I will next time. :)
Cool RH. Hee-hee. Oh, I did not know that, good thing you payed atention.:D :P

Bayberry Roost said...

Cool video.

Mom singing is a great part of it.

Your building projects are awesome!

warrior cat lover said...

Thanx! Mom, Everyone else likes your singing:) I love building, Somestuff.