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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My puppies!

These are my dogs.

Yoohoo Kae Brown, is the one Above. Yes, our dogs do have Middle names.

And this little Cutie, Is Cody Jae Brown. He, in the picture, Had just been Yelled at for stealing Food off the table. BAD DOG! No, he is A good dog, Except when he steals food:)

Yoohoo, That Chipmunk you Are looking for Ran Away A few minutes ago:)Cody! Let me get A good picture of you, Do you think you could that for me?
O.K. Cody, Fine. My legs can be a bridge:) But you still can't have my Snack!

Yoohoo, Are you Really Tired? I think you can Probably go outside for a while Before you get That Tired.

Cody! Cody come Back! I want another picture! Well, Too bad:( I guess he does not Any More pictures:( That's way too bad. Well I guess I can get another Picture later. Oh , Yeah, Good Girl Yoohoo:)


Tammy said...

I love to read all your blogs. I really liked the bugs blog and the pictures of your animals. Did you enjoy picking blueberries with your Mom? And what did you do with all of them? Keep on blogging.

warrior cat lover said...

Thanks! Yes we Love Blueberry picking. We made a Blueberry Cobbler, I don't know what we did with the rest, though:(

Wendy said...

Great post!

It's nice to see those worthless dogs are good for something ;).

Love, Mom

warrior cat lover said...

Hee-hee:D Very funny Mommy;)