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Friday, July 18, 2008

Bugs! Part 1

Even though this post is About Bugs, I Do Not like them. But here are some pictures of Bugs, That I was able to take. The Fly, Above All the words, Was my experiment, I was trying to study him, But when I was giving him water and he flu off. How sad for me:(

The picture of the Bicycle basket, The basket has a Japanese beetle on it (I flicked it After I took the picture, Cause it Was My Basket) You know Those Pesky little Beetles, that Eat your plants? Yeah, That's What's on The basket in the picture.
Now Look hard and you can see a Beautiful little Orange butterfly. Isn't she Cute? By the way, I don't know if it is a boy or a girl. part 2 will be here soon.


Wendy said...

Awesome pictures, Kaya. I especially like the one of the butterfly on the milkweed ;).

Love, Mom

warrior cat lover said...

I like that one too!

Mary said...


warrior cat lover said...

Sorry! By the way, I know that!

Keet!! said...

It's 2011, part 2 is STILL not on my blog, and I said "Part 2 will be here soon!" in 2008........... hahahahaha