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Sunday, July 20, 2008

I'm a Dancer!

I am on the Competition Team at my Dance school. I Have won In Four Competitions: Two Gold Medals, Two Gold ribbons, Two Silver ribbons, two High Silver ribbons, And Four Trophies, Well... I only Got Four Trophies, Because, The kids don't get a trophy Each in a dance, That dance only gets One trophy, And I had two Duos, and a quartet, None of the kids in the quartet got the trophy, It goes to the school.

The Cat in the picture is my Lucky Kitty, And my New Webkinz "Kali",

I named her Kali, Because I used to have a Himalayan Cat called Kali, But she had Kidney Failure, and had to be Put to Sleep:'( So now This Toy, is Now my Lucky Competition Toy. Yesterday I had a competition, And (again) Me and One of my Best Friends, Got Gold on our Tap and Got Silver on our Lyric.

These are some of my dance school friends.

Well, I hope you Like My description of My Competitions, Bye!


Wendy said...

I liked your description almost as much as I liked watching you perform ;).

Fantastic job on winning the trophies and medals!

Love, Mom

Armybrat said...

Congratulations Kaya,

Sorry I missed all your competitions, but I am very pleased to hear you are doing so well. What other dance types do you do? Are you only in tap and lyrical?

Hope your having a terrific time and again excellent job on your success.

With love, Kyle

Mary said...

Hi kaya!!!!!!

warrior cat lover said...

Thanx, Kyle. Thanx, Mom. And Hello Mary. I also did ballet this year, And I want to take hip-hop Next year. And I don't mind that you, Kyle And Mary, missed all my Compititions.