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Thursday, May 19, 2011


Lots has happened.

Cinderella, came and went.  It went well! Though the ceiling in the theater came down the night before the last two shows!

I got my braces off two days ago! Feels really, weird.  I don't really like my retainer, but I don't have much choice...

Another competition happened! The scores were:
Lyric Solo (TS) - Gold
Lyric Duo (GD) - Gold
Lyric Trio (W) - High Silver
Tap Duo (Orange.  The new one! This was the first time doing it) - Gold, and 5th place overall duos of our category, and agelevel that day!
Tap Duo (Stray Cat) - Gold
Lyric Group (KHO) - Gold
Ballet Group (Celtic) - High Silver
Tap group (Tango) - Gold!
TS was probably the best, or it was my favorite preformance by me.

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