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Monday, May 30, 2011

My 2011 Garden :)

This year my garden idea was new.  And who says Video games are bad for you?  Or not educational?!  It's a Plants VS. Zombies themed garden.  If you're not familiar with the game I'll explain. 
     In the game there are zombies trying to eat your brains, and you have to plant things to defend yourself.  Certain plants do certain things, such as:
    Sunflowers give you sun so you can buy other plants. 
    Peashooters shoot peas at the zombies to destroy them. 
    You can plant pumpkins on your other plants to add some defence. 
    Potato Mines blow up when a zombie steps on them. 
    And Kernel Pults are catapults that throw corn kernels, and butter.  The butter freezes the zombies, so they can't move, and the kernels hit them to do damage.
The reason I described these plants and not any of the many, many other plants in the game, is because the equivalent of these plants is what I am growing in my garden.
    Potatoes (These are in buckets next to my garden, so I'm not really growing them.)
    And Corn.

At the of the game after you defeat "Dr. Zomboss" the zombie say something like "Fine you win, now we just want to make a music video with you!" You can find the music video on YouTube if you search "Plants Vs. Zombies song".

If you do play the game, what would you have if you were growing a PVZ garden?

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