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Thursday, June 16, 2011

two more!

After this post I need two more before I have 100 total posts on this blog!
So, a line explained.  A line from "Kylie's Test".

The good reason to trust me? You just passed the first test! 'Instinctive, trusting, strength/courage, independent, curious'. Those are the first things on the list!”

Kylie doesn't know whether or not to trust Isha when he says that there are some tests she has to take.  She asks him why she should trust him, and not her instincts, that was the answer he gave.  Each personality trait stands for an element:
Instinctive - Air (because the wind(or air) goes wherever, but not on a set course)

Trusting - Water (Because water moves along the path that was made for it (like a river), and very rarely leaves it's path)

Strength/Courage - Earth (Earth is strong, and with some strength comes courage)

Independent - Fire (Fire goes wherever it feels, and is very difficult to stop)

Curious - Spirit (Because with curiousity comes learning, and discovering, which leads to spirit (at least in this story)). 

"So far," Isha tells Kylie, "you are all of the above." 
Kylie is trusting her instincts telling Isha she doesn't want to go with him. 
She was showing her curiousity by asking about what he said. 
She's trusting because she agreed to talk to her foster mother about her buying a house for just the six kids.  She's independent because she likes things her way, but she's a good leader also. 
She's "strong" (Stubborn) when somebody says something highly against a plan of hers, and she brave enough to stand up for herself. 
But she also knows when not to stand up for herself, at least mostly.  She tries to know when enough is enough, though she fails quite often, and gets into trouble, especially when she accidentally says something, even something she would never even dream of saying!
"And, I hadn't wanted to talk back, but getting into trouble was, well, getting into trouble was what I did best."

So, any questions? :)

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