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Sunday, November 13, 2011

NaNoWriMo, and Kylie's fish.

So let's face it, I'm not great about blogging.  I'll get into it, and be great about it for a while then, oops! It's been two months since I last blogged!

This month I'm doing NaNoWriMo (national novel writer's month).  I'm finishing The Powers: Kylie's Test for it.  I just decided that Kylie ends up in their new house, and get three fish tanks! Two two gallon tanks, each has a male Betta in it, and one fifty gallon tank community tank! She has four female Bettas, four male, and two female Guppies, several Neon tetra, and a Suckerfish in the community tank. 

Her Bettas are:
King, a black, and blue bodied male Crowntail Betta, with blue, and red fins. 
Blaze, a bright red male Halfmoon Betta.
Queenie, a female Betta with more or less the same coloring as King.
Moonshadow (Shadow for short), a black female Betta.
Solar Flare (Flare for short), a red female Betta with orange fins.
Lavender (Lavy for short), a female Betta that is multiple shades of purple.

Her Guppies are:
Shade, a black male Guppy.
River, a male fancy Guppy, with a black body, a blue head, and blue fins with darker blue spots on them, and black on the tips.
Pine, another male fancy Guppy, has the same pattern as River, but he's green, and black instead of blue, and black.
Apollo, is an orange male Guppy with red fins.
Princess, is a female (obviously?) Guppy that is all pink, except for the tips of her fins, which are purple.
Zara, is a female fancy Guppy with the same pattern as Pine, and River, except she's red, not blue, or green.

Her suckerfish:
Muddy, is a brown suckerfish, with dark spots.  Gender unknown.

And the neon tetras are unnamed due to lack of difference between them.

So that's what Kylie is up to! Naming, and tending to her fish!

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The Insolitus Lupus said...

Cool! I've never been good at keeping fish:/