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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My puppies!

These are my dogs.

Yoohoo Kae Brown, is the one Above. Yes, our dogs do have Middle names.

And this little Cutie, Is Cody Jae Brown. He, in the picture, Had just been Yelled at for stealing Food off the table. BAD DOG! No, he is A good dog, Except when he steals food:)

Yoohoo, That Chipmunk you Are looking for Ran Away A few minutes ago:)Cody! Let me get A good picture of you, Do you think you could that for me?
O.K. Cody, Fine. My legs can be a bridge:) But you still can't have my Snack!

Yoohoo, Are you Really Tired? I think you can Probably go outside for a while Before you get That Tired.

Cody! Cody come Back! I want another picture! Well, Too bad:( I guess he does not Any More pictures:( That's way too bad. Well I guess I can get another Picture later. Oh , Yeah, Good Girl Yoohoo:)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I'm a Dancer!

I am on the Competition Team at my Dance school. I Have won In Four Competitions: Two Gold Medals, Two Gold ribbons, Two Silver ribbons, two High Silver ribbons, And Four Trophies, Well... I only Got Four Trophies, Because, The kids don't get a trophy Each in a dance, That dance only gets One trophy, And I had two Duos, and a quartet, None of the kids in the quartet got the trophy, It goes to the school.

The Cat in the picture is my Lucky Kitty, And my New Webkinz "Kali",

I named her Kali, Because I used to have a Himalayan Cat called Kali, But she had Kidney Failure, and had to be Put to Sleep:'( So now This Toy, is Now my Lucky Competition Toy. Yesterday I had a competition, And (again) Me and One of my Best Friends, Got Gold on our Tap and Got Silver on our Lyric.

These are some of my dance school friends.

Well, I hope you Like My description of My Competitions, Bye!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Watch Out Robin Hood!

My dad Got a Bow, And some Arrows. I've wanted one for a long, long Time But my dad got one, And I started to watch him shoot it, This is what it started like.

He misses the Target Sometimes, though. Take a look at the pictures below.

Wow! That is an interesting shot, huh?

Yeah, Like I said he Misses the Target sometimes. Right in the fence! He also on another shot, Shot part of the fence Off! I'm sorry I don't have a picture of that. Too bad:(

And Look! He might take the place of Robin Hood one day! That is an arrow inside of an arrow! Wow! You might think Robin Hood was here or Something.

And look! That's me! yesterday Our Neighbor Gave us kids bow! Now We have a bow, too! Yay! I got my Bow, And I want to show You one more Picture. Of a Real Robin hood Shot:)

Now here, Robin Hood Fans, The perfect Bullseye! I told you I would show you a Real Robin Hood Shot, So here it is:)

Bugs! Part 1

Even though this post is About Bugs, I Do Not like them. But here are some pictures of Bugs, That I was able to take. The Fly, Above All the words, Was my experiment, I was trying to study him, But when I was giving him water and he flu off. How sad for me:(

The picture of the Bicycle basket, The basket has a Japanese beetle on it (I flicked it After I took the picture, Cause it Was My Basket) You know Those Pesky little Beetles, that Eat your plants? Yeah, That's What's on The basket in the picture.
Now Look hard and you can see a Beautiful little Orange butterfly. Isn't she Cute? By the way, I don't know if it is a boy or a girl. part 2 will be here soon.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Summer Pizza

Today we went strawberry picking, For dinner I had the idea to make A pizza, but not your Everyday Pepperoni pizza, A fruit Pizza, All the Fruits were a different type of pizza topping: The Strawberry jam was tomato Sauce, The powder sugar was the Cheese, the Black raspberries were sausage, the blueberries Were olives, and the strawberries were Pepperonis.

This is the finished product. Looks Good, huh?