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Monday, March 7, 2011


Hey everybody!! Competition was great!

Drove down Friday, and went out to dinner with a few people from the team. 

Saturday we got up at 6:30 (uuughhhh!), went to breakfast at 7:00 (uuuugghh!!), went back to our hotel room to get ready, and was ready, and down-stairs, by 8:30.  Stretched, and warmed-up.  Competition started at 10:00, and went on until around 6:00ish... With 3 awards ceremonies! We then went back to the room, took showers, ate something, and went to the pool.  We then went back to the room, took more showers! And later went to bed.

Sunday (today!!).  We got up at 6:30 (noooooo!), again went to Dunkin' Donuts at somewhere around 7:00 (O.O), and went to the room and got ready.  This time we were down-stairs before 8:15.  Stretched a bit, then workshops started at 8:30.  First class for intermediates (my level) was Ballet.  After an hour of ballet I was getting excited for more classes! (Ballet is one of my favorite styles of dance.) Tap next.  Then Hip-Hop, then..... LUNCH! And boy were we excited to eat! After lunch we had Jazz, then Tap, again.  Then they had another award ceremony. 

My scores:
Lyric Solo: Silver (First Solo, first Competition doing it!)

Group tap: Gold, Special award (Most of the people in the group dislike quite a few parts.  There's only one part that makes me go, uhhhh! >_<)

"Line-Ballet": Gold (I like this one :)

Tap Duo: Gold (This one is student choreography! And is done with Bee/Tangleface/Bella :P)

Lyric Group: Gold (Not the best we've done on this dance, in class that is.)

Lyric Duo: Silver (First competition with this dance!)

And after workshops they give out scholarships, for free workshops (In Las Vegas), and for DEA's Ballet seminar in LV.  I got a half scholar-ship to the ballet seminar because I did really good in the classes!! It was my third time doing workshops.  I had soo much fun! I mean I didn't have any fun, because my Mom told me not to. >_>


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