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Friday, March 4, 2011

A Day in the Life of a Zarin (Chapter 4, it's finally here!!)

The higher the sun rose, the greener the trees looked - and the more upset Tessen got. Why hadn't Sierra brought Rayleigh? Rayleigh was a baby without an older sister now. Tessen still had his older sister, but Rayleigh was now completely sisterless! I looked at Sierra, and thought about asking her.  "I know," She said, "You're wondering why I didn't bring Rayleigh, I can see it in your eyes."  That surprised me.  "Um... Yeah, I was..."  I blushed slightly.  "I didn't bring her she was as much a part of me, as she was a part of the rest of the family.  She was named Rayleigh, after our grandmother Kayleigh.  I didn't want to take that away," She said.  I thought about this.  A year before our Zarin ceremony Kayleigh had died.  Then, just two days after Rayleigh was born.  They named her after Kayleigh.  Kind of.  Their Grandfather had died before Sierra, or her brothers were born.  I never found out his name.  It started with an R that's all I knew.  Because they named Rayleigh after both of them.  I was so caught up in my thoughts I almost didn't notice when Sierra yelled.  "Kaylinn!" She shouted.  I looked around frantically, and was why she was panicked.  Two black shapes were coming towards us.  "No..." Sierra whispered.  I was terrified, and had no clue what these things were! But apparently Sierra knew.  "What are they Sier?" I asked quietly.  "Kreatures of Evil! I think they want...." She trailed off.  "What, Sier?! What do they want?!  Can we give them something to get them away?!" I nearly shouted.  "Shh!" Sierra reminded me.  She looked at the two kreatures closing in.  "They want Tessen."

Sorry for the short chapter today! I've got music class, then I'm going out of town for a few days! First dance Competition is tomorrow! Driving there today.  And Workshops on Sunday! Busy. o.o  So I'll post about that Sunday ;) 

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