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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Interesting.  But, not a quick read.  Takes a long time.

Thomas, the orphaned boy, meets Raphah, a boy who has come from a far away land(haha!). 
The "Dumurrel" stole something from Raphah's people, Raphah has to steal it back.  Thomas, and his friend Kate, decide to help Raphah, but - of course - regret it later.  I personally hate Raphah.  He was O.K., in the beginning, but he said something I didn't like.  He's mean to dogs.  -.-  So, read this book! UNLESS, you like dogs.  Then, you still could read it, just hope for Raphah to die :D

JUST ELLA(Margaret Peterson Haddix):
Great book! I finished this one in a few hours. 

The author's version of "Cinderella", only this one doesn't have any kind of Fairy Godmothers, or magic.  It's a story about a commoner girl who ends up with the prince! Then she finds out she doesn't really love the prince.  It's a great story, and a quick read.  Personally, I find quick reads more interesting.  In books that take a long time to read the story is drawn out, and it kind of annoys me! You should DEFFINATELY read this! Great author, Margaret Peterson Haddix.  You should read all of her books.  Yup, all of them.  Every single one.  Well?  Are you looking for her books?  NO?!?! You'd better start. o.0

RAVEN SUMMER(David Almond):
Another fantastic book, from a favorite author of mine: David Almond.  :)

Liam, and his friend Max are digging in Liam's yard.  They see a raven, and end up following it.  The raven leads them to a baby! They bring the baby to Liam's house, and the baby ends up in a foster home.  Then, the baby goes back to Liam's house and lives with them.  Another pretty quick read.  What I really like about quick reads is that I can read them, and just keep reading them until they're done, and I don't have to stop! In longer reads it's more difficult to keep concentrated.  GREAT BOOK, GREAT AUTHOR, GREAT READ! So far....... >_> Quote(:D):
"I want to be crazy as the moon, wild as the wind, and still as the earth.  I'm growing, but I don't know how to grow.  I'm alive, but I haven't started living yet.  Sometimes I simply disappear from myself.  Sometimes it's like I'm not here in the world at all, and I simply don't exist."

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Deus Ex Machina said...

I am glad that you like to read. Just remember, however, that a story can not always be told quickly ... can you say Rand Al'thor?