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Friday, March 11, 2011

A Day in the Life of a Zarin (Chapter 5!)

I stared at Sierra in horror.  "What?!" I whispered.  "They want Tessen.  This is why I didn't bring Rayleigh.  I knew they," she nodded towards the Kreatures, "were out here.  And I didn't want to endanger her!" "Why didn't you tell me?! That way I could have protected Tess!" I was fuming.  I couldn't believe that Sierra would protect her younger sibling, but didn't give any thought to mine! Even when I told her I was bringing Tessen! I glared at her.  "Kreature's, please! Listen to me!" I decided something that I would regret the rest of my life.  "You do not want this child!" I gestured to Tessen.  Then looked at them.  They had stopped, and were waiting for me to finish.  "Kaylinn, what are you doing?"  Sierra asked, in a frightened whisper.  "I'm doing what you almost did to Tessen!" Her eyes widened when she realized what I meant.  "Kayl, please, no!" She was terrified.  I was glad.  "Don't call me Kayl!" Then the Kreatures spoke.  In a high-pitched, wheezy whisper that sounded like something being drag along wood.  "What do you intend to give us instead of your brother?"  The first Kreature said.  Then the second spoke in a low, hoarse whisper.  "Would you give up your friend, for him?"  I looked at him in surprise.  Then I looked at Sierra, who was huddling towards the ground.  I opened my Mouth to speak, but Sierra beat me.  "Take Kaylinn!" She said.  I gaped at her.  "No, take Sierra.  She has no family!" Sierra's eyes went wide, as my words sunk in.  It was true.  If a Zarin ran away he, or she, would be disowned by their family.  Sierra would have to wait until she was an adult, 15, to go back to her family.  Then she will be welcomed back with open arms. 


Deus Ex Machina said...

Wait! I must have missed a chapter! When did they run into the Kreatures?

Deus Ex Machina said...

I want to received follow-up comments ....

Keet!! said...

"I want to received follow-up comments ...." Is that supposed to make sense? And if you read my blog more often *COUGH* then you'd know what happens! That's why you followed it. Anyway, I had that post scheduled, and it was posted while we were at DEA.