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Sunday, February 27, 2011

I have a lot to say today :)

Seeing as I didn't even put up a WHAT IS THIS A PICTURE OF this week nobody won... I'm sorry, but tomorrow we will have a new one up! I have a good one :)

I finished a REALLY good book today! KILLER PIZZA, by Greg Taylor.  It has a good review by R. L. Stine, too :D

Great/Weird song: Shut up and Smile, by *drumroll* BOWLING FOR SOUP! Yeah.... Nobody under the age of 12 should listen to them.  I've only heard one of their songs without a swear.  I love this band XD

"Throw your arms around someone, maybe sprend a little love! I know it sounds a little dumb, and maybe I'm a little drunk.  But all we need is some ice cream, and a huuuug!
Take a look around, does life really suck?  Are we just complaining?  I hope that this mic is on... 'Cuz I'm on a roll here, I hope this is making some sense, I hope that you'll throw her hands up and sing.  And tell all the haters to, Shut up and Smile, yea!"  ~ Part of the song "Shut up and Smile" by Bowling for Soup.  Funniest/Best part! :O

Started reading another library book! Clockwork Angel, by *another drumroll* Cassandra Clare! Love her books, AND she wrote a ZOMBIE story in Unicorns vs. Zombies! :3

I have a goooood reason for not posting since Wednesday: I slept-over at Bee's(Bella Nell's :P) house Thursday, into Friday, and didn't get home until late.  My niece slept-over Friday into Saturday.  Then I was at Meep's house Yesterday to Today! Lots of sleep-overs, but I'll be blogging a lot again now! :P

I need to find something to knit! Please, when you finish reading this (:P) go read my list of knitting ideas on Knit an Adventure!


Deus Ex Machina said...

I was wondering where you were and why you were hiding from me.

Keet!! said...

You didn't mention anything about the song. I like that song. I know what I'm going to post on Wednesday!!! Youtube video links to my favorite songs! I'm just awesome like that :3