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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

BoOk UpDaTe! (Meet the girls!)

Ow.  I landed on my head, again.  Stupid monkey bars...

Kidding! That's not in any of my books! o.o I have an idea! Finish that story! :D
Now something about my books:

Kylie Black
Protector: Isha Yamanu.
Favorite Colors: Red, and Black.
Main Power: Water.
Name Meaning: Graceful Shadow.
Three lines from book:
 Maria Luna
Favorite Colors:
Main Power:
Name Meaning:
Three lines from book:
 “I've never seen someone so surprised they screamed until they were unconscious! Only when people were nearly, but not quite, scared to death!” (Maria spat)
 Bella Nell
Favorite Colors:
Main Power:
Name Meaning:
Three lines from book:
 I forgot what happened to you Kyl!” (Bella gasped)
 Mae Nell
Protector: Nolan Mortyss
Favorite Colors: Black, and navy Blue
Main Power: Earth (until the end o.O)
Name Meaning: Shining Pearl (I mixed the name up a bit to sound better.)
Three lines from book:

(Mae stepped forward) “They're my sisters too. I'm going.”

Oh yes! Because you are so afraid of getting in trouble.” (Bella grinned)

The Darkest Lord had as in an old warehouse for a while. Today he decided it was time to move as because you got too close, I punched him in the face when he told me to get in the van. And he had his demons throw me out of the van here.” (My mouth fell slightly open.)
I'm back here, in this horrible house....” (She looked like she was about to cry)

What's going on?! Why should I be strong enough to fight of tranquilizer? You should I need to be? I WANT ANSWERS!!” (I shouted)
Yes. The Graceful Shadow challenges all shadows that dare come near her!” (I said boldly)
(I look at Isha, bewildered) “Isha?! What does that mean?”

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