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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday post. *I've decide the theme!*

A while ago I decided that I was going to make my blog mostly book updates, that way I'd always have something to post about.  So book updates are going to be Tuesday's post, as well as Saturday's post!

Just for fun, Meep, and I started writing a story together.  So far it's called "Avril's Raven" but that's probably not going to be the name.  It's about a girl named Avril, and her brother Zoltan.  Their mother had been a wizard, but their father had not.  Avril, and Zoltan should both have the "Power spark" in them, but Zoltan doesn't, and so, Zoltan cannot be a wizard.  (By the way, Meep and I are working on it separately, and this is MY version.)  Avril sees a raven that reminds her of her mother.


Brooke said...

it kindof reminds me of "Wizered's of wavery place"
(sry 4 the miss spelling's!)

Keet!! said...

Cool! And I've never even seen "Wizards of Waverly place"!!