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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Quotes and stories from the week.

1. Meep - "UNACCEPTABLE!" Keet - *playing on laptop* "Uh-huh..." Meep - "Nooo! UNACCEPTABLE!" Keet - ??  Meep - "I Say UNACCEPTABLE, you say...." Keet - "Big word :P"

2. Keet "'course you didn't! You're not meeeeeeeee! XD"  Bee - "Sadly.... :P" Keet - "You're sadly not me? o.O" Bee - "Well you aren't the same person............. are we?" Keet - "Are we?" Bee - "We'd better check that out just to be sure................." Keet - "Yeah we should...... We might be twins :P" Bee - "Not that being related would be bad :P" Keet - "But I really think we're genetically modified twins so we look different..........." Bee - "Well, we're not that different. we both like the same things(relatively), have the same amount of younger siblings, and have dark hair and eyes." Keet - "Exactly!!! And we're both occasionally spazzic!! :P"

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