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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Triplets

Since Tuesday is a book update day I'm going to tell you about the triplets!
Kylie Avlynn Black (Graceful Bird's Shadow)
Maria Ivory Luna (Bitter Cream-colored Moon)
Bella Ebony Nell (Beautiful Black Light)
Their parents, Miliana, and Bennett, named them for the name, not the meaning.  Unlike their protector's parents... Anyway.  I am re-writing the book by the way.  I was reading some "writing tips" and one of the tips was "Write, then re-write!" And I was having a hard time with The Powers.  It wasn't writing, right.  :P
So the stuff about the triplets is the new stuff.  They've changed a bit, and WOW, you should see how much the protectors changed! Except Zo.... He's pretty much the same...

Kylie's favorite colors are Black and Red.  And getting into trouble is basically what she does best! Well, other than killing demons. ;)  She dyes her hair partially red on her 14th birthday, even though their foster mother didn't want her to.  She walked away from her sisters, and out of a store (in a mall), to talk to Isha, even though she had never met him, she had simply had a dream about him.  Then he goes to her house later that night, though nobody invited him.  Together Isha, and Kylie are more trouble then any of their family members thought was possible.  Though Isha is sometimes annoyingly cautious, and protective. 

Maria's favorite colors are Orange, and Blue.  Maria just likes having fun.  And is always teasing Kylie.  Maria hate their foster mother, Myra, as much as Kylie does! And as much as Myra hates her.  Though Myra hates them she homeschools them, and buys them whatever they want, as long as it keep them away from her she's happy! When Maria first meets Zosimo, it's a recipe for DISASTER! But after a while they begin to act like friends.  More like twins, actually... Maria never thought Kylie could be anymore trouble than she is alone, but then Isha came along, and he's as bad as she is! Zosimo is annoying, and sometimes swears(No swear words are actually in the book!), and does bad stuff like that, but he can be nice, and as overly-protective as Isha is.

Bella's favorite colors are Pink, and Purple.  Bella is quiet, or so you think, until you get to know her! Bella can be the life of the party, or the shy little girl in the corner, talking to no one.  Just depends on her mood really. ;)  Bella hates Myra, because Myra hates Bella's siblings, but Myra loves Bella, because Bella loves her bedroom, which is pink, and purple.  Bella, and Elaine get along very well! Elaine is a little girl who loves reading, writing, drawing, painting, dancing, and singing, and Bella is a girl who likes all of that except singing.  Meaning she likes reading, writing, drawing, painting, and dancing.  Bella is more protective of Elaine is, then Elaine of Bella, even though Elaine is the protector!

So, there's some information about the triplet for ya! Well, I'm afraid the hidden-worlders need my help!! Especially the triplets!

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