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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday update random.

This is a "random update", so I'm going to post a bunch of stuff, just to post about something! :P

Today I'm going to be drawing more "The Powers" pictures.  A few of the protectors probably.  I'm also going to draw the kid's party outfits, from the girl's birthday.  Bella's is pretty.......... interesting?  Oh well.

I'm hoping to finish "The Zombie Chronicles" audiobook/podcast today!

I'm going to be writing a lot of Kylie's Test today.  The characters have three names now! At least most of them.  The hidden-worlder's name their children in a special way: First, middle, and last names! Which is why the triplets each have their own last name. 

I'm sorry! I forgot to put up my "What is this a picture of" this week! My camera wasn't working though, soo... I'll use it for next Monday!

I organized my Author book recently! It has pretty colored tabs sticking out of it now. :)

I'm going to work on a project about Northern Snakeheads today, the project is for a fair.  I'll post about it when it's done! :D

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